06.11.13 — Mixed BAG

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Puzzle by Pete Muller / Edited by Will Shortz

MIXED BAGS (62A. Assortments … or what you’ll find in 17-, 25-, 30-, 44- and 50-Across?), DRUG ABUSE (17A. Reason for rehab), LAG BEHIND (25A. Trail), PUB GAMES (30A. Darts and snooker), BIG BANDS (44A. Sinatra backers, sometimes) and CRAB GRASS (50A. Groundskeeper’s bane) constitute the interrelated group of this perfectly pleasant Tuesday crossword.

Other — ABRIDGE (22D. Condense), ATTA BOY (46D. “Good going!“), BARBARIAN (32D. Conan, for one), I’M SORRY (28D. 1960 #1 Brenda Lee hit), LET ME GO (9D. Prisoner’s lament), OED and ZED (40A. Ref. work that took 70 years to complete; 35D. Final section o f the 40-Across), PERDITION (11D. Hell), TAGALOG (4D. Philippine tongue), TUG BOAT (43D. Maritime rescuer).


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