06.02.13 — Purple


Sunday, June 2, 2013

“Stir Crazy”, Puzzle by Elizabeth C. Gorski / Edited by Will Shortz

THE COLOR PURPLE (116A. Alice Walker novel … or a hint to 12 squares in this puzzle), plus the aforementioned twelve squares constitutes the interrelated group of this unique and clever Sunday crossword:

  • TALKED A [BLUE] STREAK (22A. Chattered on and on and on) with ER[RED] (8D. Flubbed it)
  • [BLUE] IN THE FACE (35A. Extremely exasperated) with [RED]EEM (35D. Exchange for cash)
  • MY [BLUE] HEAVEN (38A. 1990 Steve Martin/Rick Moranis comedy) with CO[RED] (27D. Prepared, as apples for baking)
  • SEA [BLUE] (44A. Aqua) with [RED] BARON (45D. Snooopy‘s archenemy)
  • [BLUE] BOOK (61A. Final exam handout) with FAVO[RED] (37D. Likely to win)
  • DRESS [BLUE]S (62A. Formal military attire) with SH[RED]S (51A. Tatters)
  • [BLUE] PERIOD (65A. Phase associated with Picasso’s “The Old Guitarist”) with [RED] HOT (65D. Super-popular)
  • [BLUE]BEARD (86A. Brutal castle dweller in folk tales) with [RED] AS A BEET (86D. Visibly embarrassed)
  • [BLUE] BOY (88A. Thomas Gainsborough masterpiece with “The”) with PAI[RED] (70D. Matched up)
  • AM I [BLUE] (90A. 1929 Ethel Waters hit whose title is a question) with C[RED]O (84D. Belief system)
  • SOMETHING [BLUE] (102A. One of four items worn by a bridge, traditionally) with BIG [RED] (83D. Nickname for Secretariat)
  • [BLUE] ANGEL (114A. Navy pilot putting on a show) with SHO[RED] UP (98D. Strengthened)]


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La Liz said...

Donald, I love the way you presented the puzzle theme, especially the regal band of color at 116-A. Thank you! ~Liz G.