06.22.13 — The Saturday Crossword

Triumph of the Guillotine in Hell, 1795, Taunay Nicholas-Antoine


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Edited by Will Shortz

Across 1. Old easy-to-load shooter, INSTAMATIC; 11. Comparative follower, THAN; 15. Pitching technique?, DOOR-TO-DOOR; 16. Government auction action, REPO; 17. Toe-tapping trigger, IMPATIENCE; 18. Kissers, YAPS; 19. Some fridges, GES; 20. Dot in an atlas, ISLE; 21. How close-up magicians move, DEFTLY; 23. Home of some frogs, TREE; 24. Fixed a broken web link?, REWOVE; 25. Says “You said it!,” say; 28. Miss swinging at a piñata?, SENORITA; 30. Thugs, GOONS; 31. Tiny bit, SPECK; 32. Taste test, SIP; 33. Memo heads-up, ATTN; 34. Customer counter, maybe, STILE; 35. Coloring, TINT; 36. It airs episodes of “Episodes,” briefly, SHO; 37. François’s following?, APRES; 38. Keep the squeaking out of, say, REOIL; 39. It’s drawn between similar things, PARALLEL; 41. Bantam, TEENSY; 42. Teaching model, MOCK UP; 43. Small doses?, MEDS; 44. Green traffic sight?, ECOCAR; 45. Lift in greeting, DOFF; 46. City and state follower, ZIP; 49. Nero’s position?, SITU; 50. “A Tale of Two Cities” ender?, GUILLOTINE; 53. Some Fr. Honorees, STES; 54. Where the Garden State Parkway meets I-280, EAST ORANGE; 55. Lake EYRE (largest lake in Australia); 58. Stop on the way from 0 to 60?, SECOND GEAR.

Down — 1. “Cool, bro”, I DIG; 2. Norton Sound port, NOME; 3. Concessions, SOPS; 4. Skipping sound?, TRA; 5. Outfits, ATTIRE; 6. Nephew of Matty and Jesus, MOISES; 7. She released “21” in 2011, ADELE; 8. It might be harsh or hushes, TONE; 9. It oversees a major production every two yrs., IOC; 10. Plausibility, CREDENCE; 11. Strive to reach, TRY FOR; 12. One of Superman’s powers, HEAT VISION; 13. Cosmo alternatives, APPLETINIS; 14. Busy, NOSY; 22. Battle of Endor combatant, EWOK; 23. Andrew Johnson’s home: Abbr., TENN; 24. Rocks from socks, REELS; 25. Audibly amazed, AGASP; 26. Penguin’s habitat?, GOTHAM CITY; 27. Line opener, ROTO-ROOTER; 28. Series of selling points, SPIEL; 29. With relevance, APTLY; 31. Winter malady, STREP; 34. Acts as if money were no object, SPLURGES; 35. Little props, TEES; 37. Seltzer starter, ALKA; 38. He starred as Gatsby in 1974, REDFORD; 40. Pin something on, ACCUSE; 41. Cookware cover, TEFLON; 43. Very, to Verdi, MOLTO; 44. Ovidian infinitive, ESSE; 45. Either side of an Oreo, DISC; 46. Fan’s pub., ZINE; 47. Young Frankenstein married her, INGA; 48. Kind of review, PEER; 51. Fujairah’s locale: Abbr., UAE; 52. Hanger in a clothing shop, TAG.


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