06.28.13 — The Friday Crossword

Edward Teach (c.1680 - 22 November 1718), better known as Blackbeard, was a notorious English pirate who operated around the West Indies and the eastern coast of the American colonies.


Friday, June 28, 2013

Puzzle by Ian Livengood and Brad Wilber / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Mobile home?, SNAIL SHELL; 11. Made fun of, in a way, APED; 15. Bygone sportscaster with a statue outside Wrigley Field, HARRY CARAY; 16. Fan Letters?, XOXO; 17. They may lead to another story, ESCALATORS; 18. “Popular Fallacies” byline, 1826, ELIA; 19. Not so apple-cheeked, ASHIER; 20. “Sure, I’m game”, YES LET’S; 22. . Overzealous promgoer’s choice, maybe, TAILS; 23. Address add-on, Q AND A; 25. Noted press conference rhymer, ALI; 27.Where Achilles was dipped to make him invincible, STYX; 28. Representer of time, often, X AXIS; 30. Part of a publicity agent’s job, SPIN; 31. Ochoa who was the first #1-ranked golfer from Mexico, LORENA; 32. Waltz component, BOX STEP; 36. O, more formally, WINFREY; 37. Fee on some out-of-state purchases, USE TAX; 38. Bats, ZANY; 39. Longtime Capone rival, MORAN; 40. Lodging for a right out?, TENT; 41. Single mom in a 2000s sitcom, REBA; 45. Party to the Oslo Accords, for short, PLO; 48. In the loop, with “in”, CLUED; 48. South Pacific palm, BETEL; 49. Business that may be a zoning target, SEX SHOP; 51. Walk ostentatiously, SASHAY; 542. Drop, OMIT; 53. Some contemporary ads, WEB BANNERS; 56. Chance upon FIND; 57. Unlikely pageant winners, PLAIN JANES; 58. Muddles, FOGS; 59. Many a John Wayne pic, HORSE OPERA.

Down — 1. Scabbard, SHEATH; 2. Base for Blackbeard, NASSAU; 3. Fictional student at Riverdale High, ARCHIE; 4. Train track parts, I RAILS; 5. Actors Talbot and Wagoner, LYLES; 6. Disney villain, SCAR; 7. Monopoly token, HAT; 8. Spanish occupational suffix, ERO; 9. Pitch producer, LARYNX; 10. Dissolved, as bacteria exposed to antibodies, LYSED; 11. “Double” or “triple” move, AXEL; 12. Certain medieval combatant, POLE AXER; 13. Rhett Butler’s “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn,” e.g., EXIT LINE; 14. Nanny’s order, DO AS I SAY; 21. State with Leipzig and Dresden, SAXONY; 23. Stick in a cabinet, Q TIP; 24. Objectivist AYN Rand; 27. X-ray SPEX; 29. Chichuahua cry, ARF; 30. Stop, STANCH; 31. What a brush may pick up, LINT; 32. Ices, BUMPS OFF; 33. Common number of gondoliers, O SOLE MIO; 34. Intern’s duty, maybe, XEROXING; 35. Stop: Abbr., STA; 38. Magician’s prop, WAND; 39. Lightning bolt shape, ZEE; 40. Mississippi site of Machine Gun Kelly’s last known bank robbery, TUPELO; 41. Close again, as a change purse, RESNAP; 42. Emission of ripening fruit, ETHENE; 43. Ending with flag or pall, BEARER; 44. Actress Milano of “Charmed”, ALYSSA; 47. Marked acidity, LOW PH; 48. Earl Scrugg’s instrument, BANJO; 50. The E.P.A. issues them: Abbr., STDS; 51. Cogent, SANE; 54. Dial unit, BAR; 55. “Encore!,” to a diva, BIS.


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