06.08.13 — Saturday Exercise

Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1976. 
Starting in 1970 he won the Mr Olympia bodybuilding title 
six years in a row. Photograph: Everett Collection/Rex Feature


Saturday, June 8, 2013

Puzzle by David Quarfoot / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. One was first purchased in 2008, I PHONE APP; 10. Big top features?, D CUPS; 15. Title for Schwarzenegger, MR OLYMPIA; 16. Half of a TV duo, ERNIE; 17. One going through the exercises?, P E TEACHER; 18. Leader of the Silver Bullet Band, SEGER; 19. Silence fillers, UMS; 20. One might be apparent, HEIR; 21. See, DATE; 22. Bit, MITE; 24. “Toast of the Town” host, ED SULLIVAN; 28. Grunt, PEON; 29. 1991 International Tennis Hall of Fame inductee, NASTASE; 30. Cliff dweller, ERNE; 31. Ambulance supply, SPLINTS; 34. Game with points, DEER; 35. Tired, TRITE; 36. Outfielder who was a member of baseball’s All-Century Team, COBB; 40. Digs, with “on”, GROOVES; 42. OPAL glass; 43. 1955 doo-wop hit ONLY YOU; 46. Peace Nobelist RENE Cassin; 47. Crooked bones?, LOADED DICE; 51. Trix alternative?, ENNE; 52. Construction support, I BAR; 53. Drying device, OAST; 55. 2012 Seth MacFarlane comedy, TED; 58. Sound, VALID; 58. Oath, CURSE WORD; 60. Impala relative, ELAND; 61. Crisp salad ingredient from across the Pacific, ASIAN PEAR; 62. Satisfy, SLAKE; 63. Child support payer, in modern lingo, BABY DADDY.

Down — 1. “Can’t wait!”, I’M PUMPED; 2. Opening, PREMIERE; 3. Item used in an exotic massage, HOT STONE; 4. Cheer with an accent, OLE; 5. When doubled, a taunt NYAH; 6. Host, EMCEE; 7. Horticultural headache, APHID; 8. Some landings, PIERS; 9. 6 is a rare one, PAR; 10. From overseas?, DES; 11. Lending figure, CREDIT SCORE; 12. Northern Quebec’s UNGAVA Peninsula; 13. Some Vatican art, PIETAS; 14. Still, SERENE; 23. Athlete’s booster, ENERGY DRINK; 25. Ally, UNITE; 26. Race assignments, LANES; 27. W.W. II inits., LST; 31. Rose, STOOD; 32. Full of oneself, PROUD; 33. Roman numeral that’s also a name, LIV; 37. Like most sandals, OPEN TOED; 38. Moneymaker topping a Web site, BANNER AD; 39. Milk and milk and milk, BLEED DRY; 41. Common cocktail component, OLIVES; 44. Cricket violation, NO BALL; 45. Yellow Teletubby, LAA LAA; 48. 2008 documentary about the national debt, I O U S A; 49. Antilles native, CARIB; 50. Bacon product, ESSAY; 54. Mind, TEND; 57. W.W. II inits., DDE; 58. Meter site, CAB; 59. New Deal program, for short, WPA.


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1 comment:

geoff said...

According to Merriam-Webster, Collins, Cambridge and MacMillan, a Roman Numeral is a single letter, thus LIV is a number that is a combination of three numerals.

The OED (not the real OED, I don't have one of those)is clear as mud (which is why you need at least the abbreviated wood pulp version).

Webster's New World is unequivocal that any number consisting of numerals is itself a numeral.

Common usage is in line with WNW but I personally prefer the other definition.