06.29.13 — The Saturday Crossword

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Puzzle by Joe Krozel / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — Bloke, CHAP; 5. Proper partner?, PRIM; 9. Expressed out loud, VOICED; 11. Big name in folk music, SEEGER; 13. Cubs cap display, LETTER C; 15. Patroness of Quebec, STE ANNE; 16. Defeat in a jump-rope competition, say, OUT-SKIP; 17. It’s said t be the world’s fastest field sport, HURLING; 18. More in need of a bath, say, GRIMIER; 19. Craigslist and others, AD SITES; 20. Make sense, STAND TO REASON; 22. Rocker with the 1973 #1 hit “Frankenstein”, EDGAR WINTER; 23. Spotted horse, PAINT; 24. Helpers for the deaf, HEARING DOGS; 30. Loitering, HANGING AROUND; 32. Arrangement of atoms in a crystal structure, LATTIC; 33. Accounting department employees, BILLERS; 35. Muscle that rotates a part outward, EVERTOR; 36. Definitely not a good looker?, EVIL EYE; 37. “Standing room only”, NO SEATS; 38. Wash, DETERGE; 39. Some jazz combos, OCTETS; 40. Join up for another collaboration, RETEAM; 41. Middling, SO SO; 42. Georgia and neighbors, once: Abbr., SSRS.

Down — 1. French hearts, COEURS; 2. Member of an ancient people known for warfare for chariots, HITTITE; 3. Pretends to be sore, ACTS MAD; 4. Christmas no-no, PEEKING; 5. Views through a periscope, say, PEERS AT; 6. “It is through Art, and through Art only, that we can REALISE our perfection”: Oscar Wilde; 7. Furnace part, IGNITOR; 8. Speed Stick brand, MENNEN; 9. Certain YouTube posting, V-LOG; 10. Little orange snacks, DRIED APRICOTS; 11. Sign over a car, STUDENT DRIVER; 12. Rules and REGS; 14. Some E.M.T. personnel, CPR TRAINERS; 15. Living like husband and wife, SHARING A BED; 21. Unpaid, OWING; 24. Really would rather not, HATES TO; 25. Menu heading, ENTREES; 26. Hurriedly, in scores, AGITATO; 27. Sedimentary rocks resembling cemented fish roe, OOLITES; 28. Throats, GULLETS; 29. Elvis Presley, notably, SNEERER; 30. Post-hurricane scenes, e.g., HAVOC; 31. Fuel line additive, DRY GAS; 33. One side of a famous NBC feud, LENO; 34. Look, SEEM.


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