11.18.08 -- Housing

Free Spirit Spheres by Tom Chudleigh
Tuesday, November 18, 2008
Puzzle by Richard Chisholm, edited by Will Shortz
TWO HOUSES (59A. What 17-, 23-, 34-, 40- and 47-Across are each composed of) along
ROAD BLOCK (17A. Police stop), SUMMER SCHOOL (23A. Remedy for failed courses, maybe), STATE BIRD (34A. Cardinal vis-à-vis Illinois, Indiana or Ohio), FIRE POWER (40A. Military capability) and DOLL CARRIAGE (47A. Wheeled toy), are the interrelated entries of today’s crossword.
Puzzle people -- ADLAI (13A. 1940s-’50s politico Stevenson); BOONE (18D. Trailblazer Daniel); CAAN (64A. James of “The Godfather); CDRS (30D. Capts.’ subordinates);
FAY (37A. Wray of “King Kong”); HST (67A. Fair Deal president, for short); LANE (15A. Lois of the Daily Planet); MME (24D. Mrs. Abroad); NAIFS (38A. Innocents); a NOSLOUCH (38D. A pretty capable person); the POPE (56D. Bishop of Rome); REDCOATS (8D. British in the Revolutionary War); SLOTHS (45A. Lazy types); TAFTS (1D. Ohio political dynasty); a TAIL (32D. Follower, as in espionage) and a TYRO (33D. Novice); and ZEKE (12D. The Cowardly Lion’s Kansas counterpart).
Puzzle patter -- 14A. “Don’t look ATME!”; 22A. “Get my point?”, SEE; 43A. “You don’t know BEANS!”; 46A.
“Pow!”, BAM; 65A. “NOMAN is an island”; 6D. One who never cries “Ow!”, STOIC, and ADIEU (2D. Farewell).
Puzzle places --
AFR (36D. It’s south of Eur.); COE (62D. Iowa college); 61A. France’s ECOLE Polytechnique; EDENS (53D. Utopias); ETNA (54D. 11,000-foot Italian peak); 62D. Mideast’s GOLAN Heights; IRAN (29D. Modern-day Persia); LEB (25D. Isr. Neighbor); SSR (6A. Ukraine, e.g., formerly: Abbr.); TAOS (10D. New Mexico town or county); UAR (4D. Former Mideast inits.).
Activity -- BARTEND (43D. Pour drinks); GLEAM (3D. Glimmer); HEX (60D Bewitch); MET (26A. Powwowed [with]); SAW (34D. Dated); TAGUP (1A. Touch base again); and TOILSAT (57A. Labors over).
Miscellaneous entries include ALL (9D. Without exception); ANEMIC (27A. Lacking pizzazz); APEX; ARBS; AROMA (51D. Bouquet of roses); ART; ASSN; ATOZ (9A. The gamut); BRA; CAR; CLEAT; EMI, ESP and ETD; FIERO (16A. Sporty 1980s Pontiac); LISAS (48D. Old Apple computers); MICA; NABISCO (20A. Oreo maker); NAPE; OFFS; ONCE; OTTER; PHOTO; PIONEER (5D. NASA program that explored the outer planets); ROD; SMASH; and TEA and TIE.
For a real moving experience, check this SWAP (55D. Tit for tat … or tat for tit)!
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