11.29.08 -- Symmetry

Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci, often used as an implied symbol of the essential symmetry of the human body, and by extension, to the universe as a whole.
Saturday, November 29, 2008
Puzzle by Barry C. Silk, edited by Will Shortz
A dozen ten-letter entries in sets of three each with a tag-along nine-letter entry in the four corners constitutes the bulk of this Saturday crossword, graced by a very friendly center allowing pleasant passage from one set to the other in a crossword of beautiful symmetry!
Upper left across --
LITMUS TEST (1. Sole deciding issue); OCEAN LINER (15. The United States, for one); CONSCIENCE (17. Angel on one’s shoulder); INTERPRET (19. Construe) -- with downs of LOCI; ICON (2. Elvis, e.g.); TENT; MASER (4. Electromagnetic wave enhancer); UNCROSS (5. Remove from the lotus position); SLIPON (6. Get into easily); TIER; ENNE; SECTS; TRE.
Upper right down --
ABDICATOR (11. King Edward VIII, e.g.); REEXAMINED (12. Like cold cases for which new evidence arises); PACESETTER (13. Leader); STORM DOORS (14. Added protection against winter weather) -- with acrosses ARPS; BEAT; DECO; SIXER; SARCASM (22. It might drip from a crack); ROAMED (30. Was vagarious); TITO; ONTO; GREER; DRS.
Lower left down --
MADAGASCAR (24. “The eighth continent,” to ecologists); AM I TO BLAME (25. Question that may be answered “No, you’re not responsible”); NECTARINES (26. Smooth-skinned fruit); SENTIMENT (32. Feeling) -- with acrosses MAN (24. “Phew!”); 31. Elvis’s “A MESS of Blues“; DICE; ATTN; GOATEE (42. The devil is often depicted with one); ABRIDGE (47. Cut down); SLIMY (51. Vile); CANE; AMEN (60. Period of prayer?); REST.
Lower right across --
MINESHAFT (52. What takes a pit crew down?); ACCESSIBLE (59. Easy to get into); BEER COOLER (61. Container at many a cookout); SELDOM SEEN (63. Rare) -- with downs ABS; EMCEE; ICEL; NERD; ENESCO (45. “Oedipe” opera composer, 1936); GRISSOM (41. Second American to fly in space); CHIOS (50. Greek island in the Aegean); ABLE; FLEE; TERN.
The center of the crossword contains seven across entries: ROO, SNAP, RIOT,
DIZZY (37. Swimming), RAZZ, AYER and NIC (49. Actor Cage, informally) -- always thought Nicolas abbreviated to Nick! A group of four Z’s sits off- center. The center entries down: SRO, ARTY, ARIA, PIZZA, OZZY, DREG and EDY (43. Last name in ice cream) -- no “s” today for Edy’s!
Save the “s” for Silk, Shortz and symmetry!
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Xword search information -- Across: 11. The sculptures “Cloud Shepherd” and “Coquille Crystals”; 16. Ready to crash; 18. Like the Empire State Building; 20. Net rival; 21. Bush jumper, informally; 27. Polaroid; 31. Elvis’s “___ of Blues”; 33. Comic who kills; 35. Defier of Stalin; 36. Shooter’s equipment; 37. Swimming; 38. Not taken by; 39. Letter routing abbr.; 40. Heckle; 41. 20-Across in the Hall of Fame; 44. Philosopher who promoted logical positivism; 46. Many members of prestigious faculties: Abbr.; 58. Means of support; 62. Break. Down: 1. Points; 2. Elvis, e.g.; 3. Safari setup; 7. Arena ticket specification; 8. Cousin of -trix; 9. Some offshoots; 10. Middle of the afternoon, in Milan; 20. Exceeding capacity, briefly; 23. Like many indie films; 28. “William Tell” component; 29. Kind of oven; 34. “The Osbournes” dad; 37. Small remnant; 48. One making introductory remarks; 53. Place to find fjord explorers: Abbr.; 54. Square type; 55. Au fait; 56. Cut out; 57. Arctic ___; 59. Trunk supporters.

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