11.10.08 -- Si! Si!

NIA (16A. Actress Peeples)
Puzzle by Gail Grabowski, edited by Will Shortz
TACO TOPPING (64A. The start of 17-Across or 11- or 33-Down) with CHEESECLOTH (17A. Open-textured cotton fabric), ONION DOME (11D. Russian church feature) and SALSA CLUB (33D. Jazzy Latin dance site) are the interrelated entries featured in this Monday back-to-work crossword. I’ve never had a taco myself so I’ll take this puzzle’s word on the toppings -- however, just last Wednesday, the puzzle featured TACO, clued as “Crunchie munchie”, so I’m getting a good idea as to the ingredients and the consistency of the item -- here’s all one probably needs to know about a TACO.
Other long entrées: CHALET (51A. Alpine dwelling); DEEPER (50D. More profound); DETERS (53A. Discourages); ENTRAP (18D. Lure into a crime); MATEYS (9D. Shipboard pals); NAILFILE (24D. Manicurist’s tool); OPENIT (23A. Gift-giver’s urging); READTO (41D. Entertain with a tale); RECITE (58A. Say, as the Pledge of Allegiance); SNEEZE (21A. Allergic reaction); STRATA (48D. Rock layer); SWINGSET (22D. Backyard apparatus for kids); YAWNED (25A. Showed boredom); YESSIR (5D. Polite affirmation)!
Five-letter ingredients: AISLE (12D. An usher walks up and down it); AMUSE (14A. Entertain); ANODE (36A. Battery terminal); ARRAY (27A. Impressive grouping); ATONE (67A. Make amends); CRABS (51D. Grouchy sorts); DRAMA (6DA. Counterpart of comedy); ERASE (68A. Clear the blackboard); EVIAN (54D. Perrier rival); HAITI (52D. Port-au-Prince’s land); IMHIP (2D. Beatnik’s “Got it”); IOTAS (15A. Smidgens); MACHO (1D. Like a he-man); MISTY (1A. Like the air around Niagara Falls); 40A. “PAPER or plastic?”; RENES (71A. Descartes and others); RINSE (55D. Get the soap out); SAGES (56D. Wise ones); SALEM (70A. Capital of Oregon); SHADE (49A. Relief from the sun); SUEDE (3A. Napped leather); TAPED (13D. Sealed up, as a package); WOLFS (43A. Scarfs [down]);YIPES (29D. “Holy cow!”).
Four-letter garnishings: ASAP (28D. “Rush!” on an order); ASIS (34A. Without a guarantee of condition); ATOZ (8D. Completely, after “from”); CONE (60D. Dunce cap. Geometrically); DICE (6D. What high rollers roll); ECOL (59D. Environmental sci.); ETAL (39A. List-ending abbr.); GMAN (42A. F.B.I. agent); ITEM (61D. Talked-about twosome); PETE (45A. Folk singer Seeger); RACE (57A. Marathon, e.g.); ROLE (7D. Part on stage); SEND (46A. E-mail command); SETH (35d. Third son of Adam and Eve); SITS (47A. Uses a pew); SKID (30A. Possible result of slamming on the brakes); 22A. Fillet of SOLE -- which sounds more to my taste -- SISI (31A. Señor’s “Positively!”).
Crumbs: AIL, ASH, BTU, DAN, HID, ISP, ITO, OAT, PRE, SEW, SIB, STE, TSE, VIA and …END (38A. Bring to a halt).
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