12.01.09 -- Break FAST


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Puzzle by Jonah Kagan and Victor Fleming, edited by Will Shortz

BREAKFAST (56A. Part of a morning routine … or a literal hint to 18-, 22-, 35- and 49-Across), FAIRY DUST (18A. Golden egg layer of story), FALCON CREST (22A. 1980s soap opera set at a winery), FATHER KNOWS BEST (35A. Homecoming returnees, for short), FALL HARVEST (49A. Occasion for pumpkin picking) are the interrelated group of this Tuesday crossword.

Food and drink -- ALE (64A. Drink with a head), CARAFE (1D. Wine container) and CASKS (25D. Wine containers), DINED (63A. Ate in high style), ELBOW (9A. Macaroni shape), 61A. MOO goo gai pan, RUMS (27D. Jamaica exports), TIE ONE ON (37D. Get stewed).

People, animals, etc. -- ALEX (36D. The “A” in A-Rod); ALLEN (14A. Steve who was called Steverino); ALOMAR (2D. Six-time baseball All-Star Sandy); ALUMS (34A. Homecoming returnees, for short); AMIE (20A. French lady friend); ASNER (34D. Ed who played Lou Grant); 56D. George Thorogood stutter “B-B-B-B-BAD …”; GOOSE (16A. Golden egg layer of story); LLAMA (51D. Andean animal); ORCA (55A. Killer whale); RAS (19D. Univ. dorm supervisors); ROOST (17A. Rod in a henhouse); 41A. Alfred P. SLOAN Foundation.

Places -- BOUTIQUE (11D. Chic shop), CAIRO (1A. City near the Great Sphinx) and EGYPT (9D. 1-Across is its capital); EAST (28D. Atlantic Seaboard states, with “the”); ILO ILO (3D. Repetitively named Philippine province); NCAR (24D. Tenn. Neighbor); ONT (5D. Ottawa’s prov.).

Other -- ABOVE (60A. Not deigning to consider); AVERT (62A. Turn away); EROTICA (29A. Blue literature), ESCORT (46D. Front car in a motorcade); EVOLVE (44D. Change over time); E-ZINE (8D. Net mag); FAKED (49D. Not real); FLOOR (59A. Knock the socks off); ILIAD (40A. Tale of Troy); LASES (31A. Cuts with light); LYSOL (52D. “Disinfect to Protect” brand); NEARLY (53A. Almost); NESTS (65A. Fits one inside the next); OILED (23D. Like some smoothly running machines); RE-AIR (7D. Show again); RESECT (4D. Take out surgically); SOOTH (33D. Truth, old-style); STARTS (47D. Turns on, as a car); TWEEZES (43A. Plucks, as eyebrow hairs); ZEROES (45D. Homes in on).

Short stuff -- ALB, AQUA, ARF, EAVE, ENL, EXO, FAN, FEZ, FIRER, HAD, IRE, LODE (10A. Mine treasure) and ORE (6D.A. Mine treasure), OFF and OSS, REED, RBI, TOE, WAWA, WET.

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