12.03.09 -- Getting There Is Half the Fun!

Ovid Banished from Rome, J. M. W. Turner, 1838


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Puzzle by Matt Ginsberg and Pete Muller, edited by Will Shortz

ROME contained within the center square of today’s crossword puzzle, along with ROADS (7D. There are four hidden in this puzzle, which together suggest a familiar five-word saying (3, 5, 4, 2, 4), e.g., ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME and the diagonal convergence in the center of the otherwise unclued LOGGING, PRIVATE, WINDING and UNPAVED, are the interrelated group of this excellent Thursday crossword.

O(ROME)O (36D. Cry from Juliet) and DENVE(ROME)LETTE (37A. Dish with ham) share the Roman square. Other entries of length in this rich-in-variety crossword include EOHIPPUS (40D. Ancestor of the modern horse) “Quo vadis eohippus?”, LAGGARDS (20A. Slowpokes), NO-GO AREA (17A. Restricted zone), REGARDED (3D. Seen), STAR MAPS (59A. Observatory references) and URBAN POP (64A. Michael Jackson genre).

Seven-letter -- AGE GAPS (30D. Features of May-December marriages), ITCHIER (31A. More eager), NELSONS (43D. Holds on a mat), KRISHNA (45A. Hare follower), SHIELDS (21D. U.S.S. Enterprise defenses) and TOO LATE (2D “You missed it“).

Six -- ARTIST (19A. Temperamental one, supposedly); AVAILS (55A. Uses); EARBOB (49D. Bit of jewelry); GOETHE (35A. Author of “Wilhelm Meister’s Apprenticeship”); IF ONLY (47D. Words of regret); KONICA (61a. Classic camera); KRAKOW (45D. Polish capital, 1038-1596), MARY II (23A. English monarch who shared the throne); 8A. NO SOUP for you!” (“Seinfeld” refusal); OIL RIG (66A. It’s well-positioned); OUI OUI (11D. “Absolument!”); PETTER (13D. Attentive dog owner); RENOIR (46D. “La Grenouillère,” e.g.); SEA GOD (41A. Trident wielder, typically); SECURE (16A. Lock up); SPRAIN (5D. Sidelining cause); URSINE (12D. Bearish); WRYEST (69A. Most twisted).

The rest of the journey is laden with treasures --- A AND E (56D. Cable choice), ACHT (26D. Zweig x vier), AGIO (18D. Exchange premium); AGT, ARCO (60D. Not pizzicato); CIS, DEEM, DIRE, DUNE (68A. Buggy locale?), EMS, “Mi casa ES SU casa”, ETTE (25D. Little: Suffix); GOB, HEM, HETH (32D. The “H” in Hanukkah); HONE, ILER, ISPS, IT’D be my pleasure“, LPN, LTRS, MESS, MID, NCO, NEHI (38D. Radar selection), NSA, O’ER the hills and far away”, ONA, PEU (65D. Little, in Lille), PLO, POET (14A. Virgil, for one), REF, SET, SCTV, SHEA, SIR, STOGY (4D. Howard the Duck prop), STUNG (54D. Scammed), TVMA, UNE (27A. A in Alsace), VANS, VOIT.

A little trouble along the way? No matter… great scenery and lots of adventure, for after all --


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