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Wailing Banshee, Walt Disney’s Darby O'Gill and the Little People, 1959


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Puzzle by Jack McInturff, edited by Will Shortz

HASTE MAKES WASTE (62A. Advice to the rash and a hint to this puzzle’s theme), PICTURE OF WEALTH (17A. Bill Gates snapshot?), SO PROUDLY WE WAIL (28A. Banshees boast?), BASE WIT (39A. Comedic soldier during training?) and HEAD FOR THE WILLS (47A. Words to estate attorneys?) are the interrelated group of this Wednesday crossword.

Mid-size entries include ADOPTED (44D. Like Steve Jobs and Moses), ARLENE (66A. Francis of “What’s My Line?”), HASBRO (8A. Monopoly maker), HOW NOW (8D. Start of an elocution class phrase), OLD MEN (48D. Codgers), O’SHEA’S(16A. Irish-themed Vegas casino), SHADOWY (10D. Hard to make out), SLUGGO (4D. Nancy’s friend in the funnies), TIED ON (69A. Attached, in a way), WIN WIN (50D. Like a good deal for both sides).

Five-letter -- ANSEL (32D. Adams who co-founded Group f/64), IDYLL (33D. Pastoral piece), LADES (34D. Does dock work), LIEUT (31D. Kojak’s rank: Abbr.), LYNDA (37A. Actress Carter who was once Miss World USA), N-TEST (58A. Mushroom producer, for short), OAKIE (29D. Jack of “The Great Dictator”), PINTA (46D. Nina companion), PLAN A (30D. Primary strategy), SELIG (20A. Baseball’s Bud), SINAI (43A. Ten Commandments locale), SLASH (28A. More than just reduce), TIARA (18D. Item often worn with a sash).

Short stuff -- ADES, AGHA, AIR, AKA, ANTI, ASE, BELA, BIFF, CHAT and CHIP, DATA, DJS, ENE and ENO and ENOS and ESSO, FEE, FOGY, GELT, GOGO, Mata HARI, HULA (24D. Storytelling dance) and LEI, (36A. Pikake garland), ILEA ISLE, LAIN, LALA, NACL, OBI, ODIE, OFLA, OSHA, PELE, RAJA, RATT, SAFE (4A. In an ark, say), SKAT, SON, STE, STUB (60D. Bit of theater litter), SUR, SYD, TEEN (70A. New driver, typically), TERI, TIPS, TON, UAL, WAHL.


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