12.04.09 -- THIS and THAT


Art thou the first man that was born? or wast thou made before the hills? -- Job XV 7


Friday, December 4, 2009

Puzzle by Martin Ashwood-Smith, edited by Will Shortz

Two sets of three 15-letter across entries are the main feature of this antediluvian this-and-that Friday crossword -- AS OLD AS THE HILLS (1. Antediluvian); THREE COURSE MEAL (16. It’s served in parts); OUT OF ONE’S LEAGUE (17. Completely unqualified for competition) -- TRUMPED UP CHARGE (50. Framing need); WATERLOO STATION (55. Railway terminus with the Victory Arch); OPENED ONE’S HEART (56. Became emotionally receptive).

Additionally, there are two sets of down entries of length (ten/nine/eight-letter) -- LEGAL LIMIT (13. Ceiling one should stay under); LAUREATES (14. Wordsworth and Tennyson); SLEETIER (15. More like a cold shower?) -- CONSTITUTE (26. Make up); DEATH TRAP (29. Perilous place); STAGE TWO (32. The second part).

An interesting analysis of the puzzle’s construction is at The New York Times crossword blog Wordplay -- HERE.

Remaining across -- 18. Introduction to Impressionism?, NEO; 19. It’s light-sensitive, IRIS; 20. Pains, CARE; 21. “The young lambs RAN A pretty race”: Wordsworth; 22. Sgt. Follower, MAJ; 25. Stop, with “up”, LET; 26. Cashiers, CANS; 27. “The Accumulation of Capital” author Luxemburg, ROSA; 28. “Love Story” score composer, LAI; 29. “Get cracking!”, DO IT; 30. Singer of the 1940s blues hit “One Meat Ball”, JOSH WHITE; 32. and 33. Remitted, SENT MONEY; 34. Like Old Glory: Abbr., AMER; 35. They may be excited by dinner, TASTE BUDS; 37. Partner of 40-Across, 40. Partner of 37 Across, THIS and THAT; 38. Case builder: Abbr., ATT; 39. PASO Robles, Calif.; 41. 4 letters, GHI; 42. Suffix with real, IST; 43. They often come in packs, LIES; 44. Moten who played Bess in Broadway’s “Porgy and Bess”, ETTA; 46. MAN’S Fate” (Andre Malraux novel); 47. Scholarship, e.g., AID.

Down -- 1. Rafts, A TON; 2. “Molly” title role player, 1999, SHUE; 3. “ … OR TO go?;4. One may be conceived on Veterans Day, LEO; 5. Challenging, DEFIANT; 6. Certain winter stash, ACORNS; 7. One of the Gandhis, SONIA; 8. Part of Shrovetide: Abbr., TUES; 9. Abbr. on a timecard, HRS; 10. What an au pair might take: Abbr., ESL; 11. Laugh syllable, HEE; 12. Big name in desktops, IMAC; 21. Singer with the 5x platinum album “Nick of Time,” 1989, RAITT; 22. Ancient law man, MOSES; 23. Wan, ASHY; 24. Jabber, JAW; 27. Concerto part, RONDO; 30. Competition among mail carriers?, JOUST; 31. Music to a comic’s ears, HAHAS; 33. Many corp. recruits, MBAS; 36. Dermal opening?, EPI; 37. Leader exiled in 1979, THE SHAH; 40. Dyes, TINCTS; 43. Judgment problem, LAPSE; 45. Music to a minister’s ears, AMEN; 46. Unstable particle, MUON; 47. Price number, ARIA; 48. Real-estate tycoon, Olenicoff, IGOR; 49. Bit of headway, DENT; 51. Grand PRE (Annapolis Valley community); 52. Antiquity, in antiquity, ELD; 53. End of a Fred Flintstone cry, DOO; 54. Put the dishes away, ATE.


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