12.26.09 -- I See Puzzle People

Haley Joel Osment in The Sixth Sense, 1999


Saturday, December 26, 2009 -- Boxing Day

Puzzle by Kevin G. Der, edited by Will Shortz

Ooop! It’s Saturday, and I see puzzle people -- M NIGHT SHYAMALAN, clued as 1999 Oscar nominee for both direction and screenwriting (e.g., The Sixth Sense), his unwieldy name dripping down the center of this crossword, presides over a plethora of personages, including the JONESES (32A. Indiana and others):

The list -- ABE and MONA (31A. Homer Simpson’s dad, 44A. Homer Simpson’s mom); an ACADIAN (6D. Evangeline, e.g.); AMERICAN ME (15A. Edward James Olmos’s directorial debut, 1992); 39D. Vietnam’s BAO Dai; CHERUBIM (13D. Guardians of Eden, in Genesis); DALAI LAMAS (59A. Holy line); ELMO (56D. Must-have toy of 1996); an EMT (49A. Stretcher fetcher, briefly); 52A. “House of Dracula” director ERLE C. Kenton; EVA MARIE (36D. Saint in “Exodus”); FRED (18A. Scrooge’s nephew); IDA (57A. Operatic princess); IVES (40A. “Universe Symphony” composer); JIMI (5D. First name at Woodstock); RON (29D. Friend of Hermione at Hogwarts); a SENORA (28A. One who’s hitched, in Hidalgo); 41D. TONY DOW (41D. He played Beaver’s big brother); a TWIT (34A. Schmo); and last but not least, WACKOS (1D. Flakes).

Other long entries include BAR BRAWL (12D. Shots after shots); CLAYMATION (17A. Frames that take shape?); LIVE JAZZ (35D. Some lounge entertainment); ON A RAMPAGE (63A. Tearing); SIDE BETS (14D. Some blackjack action); TENT PEGS (37D. They’re driven around campsites); WINE COOLER (65A. Bartles & Jaymes product); WINDJAMMER (1A. Sailing ship).

Mid-size -- ANOMIE (50A. Social instability); BALMS (39A. Sunburn remedies); DOJOS (24D. Schools where students wear white); ECONO (33D. Cut-rate, commercially); EIEIO (26D. Letters after many animal names); HOT POT (45A. Chinese cuisine style); I CARE (51D. Words of empathy); I’M LIKE (2D. Start of many a comment in Valspeak); IN HEAT (25A. Like some noisy cats); JAPERY (53A. Mocking fun); LET ON (35A. Pretend); MATIN (7D. Apres-midi preceder); NEATEN (3D. Pick up around); OLD AGE (47D. Senectitude); PRIMAL (46D. Like some fears); RENTALS (10D. Some DVDs); TASTE (34D. Old cigarette ad buzzword); TEASER (48D. Viewer drawer); THERIAC (42D. Onetime snake venom antidote); TIMBRE (21A. Vocal quality); TOYOTAS (41A. Sequoias, e.g.), the carbon emitters, not the absorbers.



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Remaining clues -- Across: 11. Early education; 16. Split fish?; 19. Media ___; 20. “Gotcha!”; 30. Cause of rage against the machine?; 38. Acupuncturist’s energy; 43. Something to move with; 55. Siege of ___ (opening of the Third Crusade); 58. Confines; 62. Moves erratically; 64. Sorbet ingredient. Down: 4. Drink request; 9. Alternative to grunge; 11. Satellite precursor; 22. Defendant in a 1970s antitrust suit: Abbr.; 54. Near ___; 60. Gracklelike bird; 61. V-mail handler.

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