01.13.12 — Dangerous Curves


Friday, January 13, 2012

Puzzle by Todd Gross and Doug Peterson / Edited by Will Shortz

Divided into three sections by two heavy bars, this Friday crossword features five fifteen-letter answers:

ANTONIO BANDERAS (15A. Star of 2011’s “Puss in Boots”)
SPRINKLER SYSTEM (17A One shooting out on a golf course)
DANGEROUS CURVES (35A. What twisty arrows warn drivers of)
DOMESTIC ANIMALS (54A. Potential pets)
ELEPHANT TRAINER (57A. Worker whose charges may charge)

Other — ENGENDER (37A. Bring into being), IRENE ADLER (30D. Rachel McAdams’s “Sherlock Holmes” role), LINSEEDS (18A. Oil sources for oil paint), LOVER’S LANE (29D. Couples’ retreat), MANIFOLD (48A. Car exhaust part), STRIPLINGS (3D. Youth), TORA BORA (33A. Onetime Taliban stronghold), UNPLEASANT (2D. Like surprises you’d rather not get).

Mid-size — ALIENS (38A. Hit film directed by James Cameron), Done to A TURN, DON’T ASK, FAULT, HORDE, IN TWO, IS INTO, LETTERS, MUSLIMS (1A. Eaters of halal food), ORCAS, PALISH, PASS ON, STENT, STEREO, SPIDER STYLE, TEENAGE (8A. Like many mall fixtures?).

Short stuff — ACT, ARTY, AS OF, BED (16D. Flat bottom), BRIE, EDYS, ENS, ESME, FIAT, GAEL, IDED, INGE and INRE, INNS, LIP, LOIN, MAS, MIKE, MINK, NATL, NEST, NOLO, OER, OMIT, OSHA, RTS, SAN, SEP, SOLE (7D. Flat bottom), SOS, SRS, TARS, TAS, TERN, TMEN, WEPT (46D. Imitated Niobe).


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Puzzle available on the internet at
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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 19. Mode; 20. Mo. Containing Constitution Day; 21. Unhealthily light; 25. From; 29. It may be fat after a fight; 32. Digs; 39. Football linemen: Abbr.; 40. Arctic or Antarctic fish-eater; 41. It has left and right channels; 42. Part of S.F.S.U.; 43. How some hearts are broken; 58. Answer that avoids answering; 59. Writer’s field. — DOWN: 1. More, to a señor; 4. Chop source; 5. They have keepers; 6. Big of D.J. equipment; 8. Hold hands?; 9. Nav. Position; 10. Nestlé brand; 11. Partridge family setting; 12. Hanging out in galleries, say; 13. Isle of Man man; 14. “Nine Stories” title girl; 20. Web presence; 22. “Natural Affection” playwright; 23. Surgical aid; 24. Big band; 26. Foundering call; 27. Black-and-white giants; 28. Geologist’s big break?; 31. Choose to refuse; 34. Big wheel at a party?; 36. Beyond, to Browning; 43. Put the finger on; 44. Short plea; 45. Some govt. raiders; 47. Dept. of Labor division; 48. Stole option; 49. Do one’s part?; 50. N.F.C. part: Abbr.; 51. Concerning; 52. Order; 53. Except; 55. Univ. helpers; 56. Some 55-Down: Abbr.

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