01.19.12 — Maelstrom

Maelstrom by Salvador Dali


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Puzzle by Derek Bowman and Sarah Keller / Edited by Will Shortz

TO-DO LIST (66A. Agenda … or, together, what the seven starred clues and their answers constitute?), BROUHAHA (1A. *Rumpus), HOO-HAH (16A. *Excitement), HOOPLA (63A. *Foofaraw), HURLYBURLY (7D. *Hubbub), COMMOTION (10D. *Turmoil), HULLABALOO (30D. *Ruckus), and KERFUFFLE (32D. *Tumult) constitute the interrelated group of this turbulant Thursday crossword.

Other — A HANDFUL, IMMORAL, LOOK-SEE, NO ESCAPE (39D. 1994 Ray Liotta action film), OLD SCORE, PIONEER, ROOF RACK, SIX STORY, TOE NAILS, UNICORN (34A. Figure on Scotland’s coat of arms).

Mid-size — ACROSS, ADDED, Make A FOOL of, AH SIN (9D. Bret Harte/Mark Twain play), ALYSSA, BASALT (1D. Volcanic rock), EMCEED, “Good GRIEF!”, HDTVS, MEL OTT, NORTHS, OAXACA (3D. Southern Mexican state), OTTO II, PEARLS, PLEAD, RHINOS, SETS UP, SMOOTH, STRAFE, TAKEI, TAMEST, YES NO.

Short stuff — Santa ANA, BAH, CAL and CFL, EBAY, HERE, IMF, Hungarian hero IMRE Nagy, KSU, LMN, LOC, NOM de famille, OHO, OMIT, OPT, PIGS, ROC, SAT, SEA, SHE and SHH, SINE, SLYS, TAM and TOM, TEA, TKOS, TSA, Young UNS, VOLS, YMA (44A. Singer Sumac).


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 9. Across; 15. Some; 17. Like the maximum-height New York City apartment building that’s not required to have a fire evacuation plan; 18. Suave; 20. Encyclopedia units: Abbr.; 21. World financial grp.; 22. Footnote abbr.; 23. Stallone and Stone; 24. Bridge seats; 28. Inits. On many uniforms since 2002; 29. “Pfui!”; 31. George of “Star Trek”; 32. The Wildcats of the N.C.A.A.; 36. Innovator; 40. Quick check; 4. Unprincipled; 42. Run after K; 46. Check the box (for); 49. Plays matchmaker for; 51. Web site that includes the heading “Dolls & Bears” 54. Social; 55. Calgary Stampeders’ grp.; 56. Ready for shipping; 57. Bit of Highlands attire; 58. Attach from above; 61. Something to settle; 64. They may be painted in a bathroom; 65. Ran the show. — DOWN: 2. Zoo critters; 5. Many flat-screens; 8. Milano of “Charmed”; 11. Auto attachment; 12. Cry of surprise; 13. Perched; 14. Theater admonishment; 25. Match enders, briefly; 26. “Just take it”; 27. Trig term; 33. Slew; 36. They want the most; 38. Cut out; 45. 1920s-’40s baseball with a retired “4”; 46. Holy Roman emperor who succeeded his father in 973; 47. Cultured ones?; 48. Most likely to eat out of one’s hand, say; 50. Pray; 52. Threw in; 53. Kind of question; ___-goat; 59. Big gobbler; 60. “Arabian Nights” bird; 62. Home of 19-Across: Abbr.


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Pearls after swine ???

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