01.16.12 — Words, Words, Words


Monday, January 16, 2012

Puzzle by Andrea Carla Michaels / Edited by Will Shortz

WORDS, WORDS, WORDS (17A. Hamlet‘s reply to “What do you read, my lord?”); PICKY, PICKY, PICKY (32A. “You‘re too hard to please!”); MONEY, MONEY, MONEY (42A. 1976 Abba hit) and CLANG, CLANG, CLANG (63A. How the trolley went in a 1944 song) are the interrelated group of this agreeable Monday crossword.

Other — EMPEROR, GOOSING, JASMINE / TEA (1A. Kind of 54-Down that‘s flavored with flowers; 54D. Pekoe, e.g.), LANTANA (16A. Flowering shrub common in the South), MASTERY, MIRACLE (44D. Backup singer for Smokey Robinson), OMNIBUS, ONE-A-DAY, SNEERED, STOOGES (69A. Moe, Larry and Curly), TACTILE, WRITTEN.

Mid-size — A FLAT, BARED, DRACO (51D. Northern constellation), ERODE, ESTEES, FACTS, ISLES, OLDER, PILOT, SASSY, SHASTA, SKIER, TANGO (55D. “It takes two“ to do this), UNDER.

Short stuff — Open A CAN of worms, AFRO, Jai ALAI, AMOK, ASEA, CNN, COE and CONE, DIP, DUET, DRY, EGGY, ELSA, ENNA, EPEE, FAD, GIG, GNU, GON, HILO, “Can I GO now?”, IRS, “Believe IT OR Not!”, JEWS, KLEE, KUE, LOLA, MEDS, MSN, NAP, NNW and NOW, ONTO, PAID, REES, RIP, ROI, RUE, “The SKY’S the limit!”, SPAM, SPRY, STY, YAYS, “YEE-haw!”, YOW (“Ouch!”).


Polonius: What do you read, my lord?
Hamlet: Words, words, words.
Polonius: What is the matter, my lord?
Hamlet: Between who?
Polonius: I mean the matter that you read, my lord.

Hamlet, Act II, Scene II ~ William Shakespeare


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 8. Compilation book; 15. Tiberius or Charlemagne; 20. Musical piece for two; 21. “Cheers” actor Roger; 22. Laughed contemptuously; 25. Desertlike; 26. California peak; 30. Tear; 40. Bearded beast of Africa; 41. “Damn Yankees” seductress; 47. Louis XIV, par exemple; 48. Cosmetician Lauder and others; 49. It’s all the rage; 52. Not oral; 56. Bush do; 58. On a cruise; 59. Fencing sword; 67. Perceptible by touch; 68. Prodding into action; 70. Big name in multivitamins. — DOWN: 1. A majority of Israelis; 2. Frenzied; 3. Nimble for one’s age; 4. Docs prescribe them; 5. Tax org.; 6. This very minute; 7. Wear away, as soil; 8. Like a big brother; 9. Expertise; 10. Opposite of SSE; 12. Exposed; 13. Beneath; 14. Impertinent; 18. Parisian street; 22. Pig’s digs; 23. 40 winks; 24. Quick swim; 26. E-mail that’s sent out by the millions; 27. Largest city on the island of Hawaii; 29. T-bar rider; 31. Aviator; 34. Channel for Anderson Cooper; 35. Letter before ar; 36 Ice cream treat; 37. Swiss artist Paul; 38. Cheers for successes; 46. AOL alternative; 49. Statistics, e.g.; 50. Black key above G; 53. Capri and Wight; 57. Knowledgeable about; 59. “Born Free” lioness; 60. No longer owed; 61. Sicilian city; 62. Like a soufflé; 64. Band’s engagement; 65. Suffix with penta-, hexa-, hepta-, etc.; 66. Iowa college.

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Anonymous said...

ABBA should be all caps. While you can sneer at the same time as laughing, a sneer is not itself a laugh.