05.06.08 -- Diamond

Tuesday, May 6, 2008
Puzzle by Gary J. Whitehead, edited by Will Shortz
The capital of Delaware, DOVER (70A. Capital suggested by the circled letters and by the starts of 17- and 63-Across and 11- and 29-Down); DELTAFORCE (17A. Special Operations group); DELIGHTFUL (63A. Highly pleasing); DELLAREESE (11D. TV angel portrayer); and DELINQUENT (29D. Overdue) are the featured entries in this Tuesday crossword, along with DIAMONDSTATE spelled out in a diamond formation of circles in the center of the diagram. Is someone from Delaware?
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Across: 1. Mag. sales info; 5. Cat calls; 10. Dutch cheese; 14. Baseball’s Matty or Felipe; 15. First string; 16. Danish-based toy company; 19. And; 20. Makings of a hero, perhaps; 21. Food giant that owns Ball Park Franks and Hillshire Farm; 23. Domain; 2. Tabula _)__; 27. Part of M.O.; 30. Way back when; 32. Welsh breed; 35. Universal donor blood type, for short; 36. Not susceptible; 38. German article; 39. Kilmer of film; 40. Dr. ___ formerly of Death Row Records; 41. Tiny amount; 42. Coast Guard officers below lt.; 43. “Richard ___”; 44. Busybodies; 46. Hey there!”; 47. War correspondent Pyle; 49. Asian holiday; 50. Nun, in Nanterre; 51. N.F.L. periods: Abbr.; 53. “The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” author; 55. Takes to the police station; 58. New Jersey college until 1995; 62. Biblical brother; 66. Impart; 67. Brooke’s longtime rival on “All My Children”; 68. “Rule, Britannia” composer; 69. “Beetle Bailey” dog; 71. Fails to keep. Down: 1. Scoundrels; 2. Intestinal parts; 3. Sushi bar offering; 4. Dance; 5. Capo’s organization; 6. Ike’s W.W. II arena; 7. Done, to Donne; 8. 1954 war comedy “Francis Joins the ___”; 9. Dirty political tactic; 10. Rio Grande city; 11. TV angel portrayer; 12. Fit of shivering; 13. Jazzman Allison; 18. University town near Des Moines; 22. Ran; 24. “Alas, poor Yorick!,” e.g.; 25. RKO competitor; 27. Picture; 28. Studio sign; 29. Overdue; 31. Beat in a Nathan’s hot dog contest, e.g.; 33. Supersharp knife; 34. Violin or cello: Abbr.; 36. Fury; 37. “Illmatic” rapper; 40. Batick artists, e.g.; 45. 1773 jetsam in Boston Harbor; 45. Britney Spears, for one; 48. “That’s enough, I guess ...”; 50. Year before jr.; 52. Allied; 54. Cuban export; 55. Heavenly circle; 56. Help in mischief; 57. Stout’s Wolfe; 59. Bushy do; 60. Fontanne’s stage partner; 61. Publican’s stock; 64. Tyler of “Stealing Beauty”; 65. Swelling reducer.


karmasartre said...

What a photo -- you somehow found the Gothic in Dover....

DONALD said...


Just now noticed your missive -- yeah, had to delve for Dover!