05.16.08 -- NETIZEN

Friday, May 16, 2008
Puzzle by Kevin G. Der, edited by Will Shortz
Well, now -- according to Wikipedia, 60A. Blogger, e.g., "NETIZEN (a portmanteau of Internet and citizen) or cybercitizen is a person actively involved in communities. Netizens use the Internet to engage in activities of extended social groups, such as giving and receiving viewpoints, furnishing information, fostering the Internet as an intellectual and a social resource, and making choices for the self-assembled communities. Generally, a netizen can be any user of the worldwide, unstructured forums of the Internet."
New to me!
LINK (21D. One may be sent in an e-mail) to the Wikipedia reference -- HERE.
Here's a few more:

Across: 1. Steam room alternative; 8. “Yo!”; 15. Dodge; 16. His last novel was “Chloe Marr,” 1956; 17. Cellar’s opposite; 18. Technicolor; 19. See 34-Across; 20. Most clowns; 22. Word of approval; 23. Emerson said intellect annuls it; 25. “The West Wing” actor; 26. Jazzman Saunders; 27. He called the U.S. vice presidency a “most insignificant office”; 29. Marzo to marzo, e.g.; 30. Sculpt; 31. Like some griddles; 33. Read syntactically; 34. With 19-Across, domain of civics, in brief; 35. Multifaceted things; 36. Noisy complaint; 39. Alternative to Friendster or MySpace; 43. Bit; 44. Military grp.; 45. Old sticker; 46. Bank guard?; 47. Places to develop one’s chops?; 49. Bundle of nerves; 50. It can be double-sided; 51. Tasty triangles; 53. Back-of-airline magazine feature; 54. Gather; 56. Water-skiing need; 58. Quiet; 59. Merchant whose customers click; 61. Cause of some blushing.

Down: 1. Elated person after Super Bowl III; 2. Tree of the laurel family; 3. Santiago skipper; 4. Constitution lead-in; 5. Flies; 6. Flies; (Shortzesque!); 7. More than friendliness; 8. Signal, in a way; 9. Some crime scene evidence; 10. Many former senators and governors: Abbr.; 11. Yes or no follower; 12. Assassins; 13. Frazzle; 14. Like many blooms; 24. Typography measure; 26. Chocolate treat; 28. She wrote of Topsy; 30. Transport over sand? ; 32. Nature; 33. Muscle mag topic; 35. Parts of some Bach suites; 36. Crush holder that’s crushable; 37. Visionary; 38. Not neat; 39. Island that Truman wants to go to in “The Truman Show”; 40. Range of some fitness tests; 41. Pump numbers; 42. Big fish, maybe; 44. “The Mickey Mouse Club” regular DOREEN Tracey; 47. Opposite of agitato; 48. Truth from long ago?; 51. She co-starred in “Gangs of New York,” 2002; 52. Dominion; 55. Designer born in Guangzhou, China; 57. Chinese author LIN Yutang.


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karmasartre said...

Very familiar lion pic. I was starting to think about recent ads for a Narnia movie before the obvious hit me. As they say, "d'oh".

DONALD said...

It was my chance to poke fun at myself, and I went for it!