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Sunday, May 25, 2008

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SPY GLASS, Puzzle by Elizabeth C. Gorski, edited by Will Shortz

A note for this puzzle reads “When this puzzle is done, the seven circles will contain the letters from A to G. Starting with A, connect them alphabetically with one continuous line, and you'll get an image of a 39-Across.”

Well, I didn’t go connecting circles, but 39-Across is MARTINI (See instructions in Notepad), with its symmetric partner below, ASPIRIN (97A. Offering from St. Joseph) -- is that a coincidence?

IANFLEMING (90A. Writer born May 28, 1908) will be one hundred years old this coming Wednesday, but this puzzle has beat him to it!

With it's clever SPY GLASS title, we are asked to remember six actors who have played the role of 72D. JAMES (Bond common to the answers to the six starred clues) which, together with the aforementioned MARTINI and IANFLEMING, bind the inter-related entries of this Sunday of Memorial Day weekend crossword -- no fireworks here, just a half-dozen smooth operators: SEANCONNERY (3D. *1962-67, 1971); GEORGE LAZENBY (23A. *1969); ROGERMOORE (48A. *1973-85); TIMOTHYDALTON (68A. *1987-89); PIERCEBROSNAN (115A. *1995-2002); and DANIELCRAIG (71D. *2006- ), with SIR (33D. Title for 48-Across and 3-Down) for the two most senior members of the club.

The rest of the action in this puzzle is business-as-usual with a few exceptions as noted.

Across: 1. How architects’ models are built; 8. Lou Bega’s “MAMBO No. 5”; 13. Ottoman V.I.P.’s; 18. Foyer item; 19. Plug in a travel kit; 21. It may give you a cold shoulder; 22. Alarming; 25. Auditioned for “American Idol”; 26. Italian town known for its embroidery; 28. End of a plumb line; 29. Law assignment; 30. Garbage hauler; 32. “True”; 35. Neighborhood next to N.Y.C.’s East Village; 37. Ecuador and Venezuela are in it; 41. Relating to a blood line; 45. Sub systems; 47. Suffix with urban; 50. Moles’ production; 52. Subj. for bilinguals; 54. Like some video, to cable customers; 55. Warhol’s “ASET of Six Self-Portraits”; 56. Lambs’ kin; 58. Aside (from); 61. “Smooth Operator” singer; 62. French seas; 63. Power site, maybe; 64. First mate; 65. Put ITIN writing!”; 67. Layer; 71. Figures at many a wedding reception, briefly; 74. Kite flier’s wish; 75. Muscle mag displays; 76. Sneaky; 77. Semitic deity; 78. Med. Plans; 80. Gut course; 82. Alexander Hamilton’s last act; 83. “By the power vested INME…”; 84. Aches; 86. N.B.A.’s YAO Ming; 88. Ventured (forth); 93. Speech pauses; 95. Surprisingly; 96. Brings out; 99. Willy Wonka’s creator; 100. OSSO buco; 102. Mexican beer; 103. A great deal; 105. “Lost” filming locale; 108. Global currency org.; 110. 2003 best-selling fantasy novel by teen author Christopher Paolini; 113. Beethoven’s third?; 119. New Jersey city, county or river; 121. Name-drop, maybe?; 122. Least restrained; 123. Artist Watteau; 124. Ward off; 125. Singer Jones and others; 126. Piano players’ hangouts.

Down : 1. Old Propaganda; propagator; 2. Ocean menaces; 4. Attire with supersized pockets; 5. “Exodus” hero; LUNA 9, first spacecraft to land softly on the moon; 7. Deviled things; 8. Chairman’s supporter?; 9. Natl. Poetry Mo.; 10. Brief encounter?; 11. Programme airer, with “the”; 12. Knee sock material; 13. Wood shaper; 14. Like some wrestling, (which ends up looking like THIS); 15. Tennis star Mandlikova; 16. Edwards and others: Abbr.; 17. Eye doctor’s concern; 19. Shakes up; 20. Hungers; 24. On; 27. California’s SIMI Valley; 31. “WERE #1!”; 33. Title for 48-Across and 3-Down; 34. Lennon’s mate; 36. Nears, with “on”; 38. “The Allegory of Love” writer, 1936; 40. Kurchatov who oversaw the Soviet atomic bomb project; 42. Lowly one; 43. Composer of “Dido and Aeneas”; 44. Spearheaded; 45. Sign of approval; 46. White-collared thrush: Var.; 49. Authorizes; 51. Butterfly experts, perhaps; 53. March 25, in the Christian calendar; 57. It can be fragile; 59. Residences, in slang; 60. Drs.’ org.; 64. Ship-to-ship communication; 66. In song, “Once you pass its borders, you can ne’er return again”; 68. Fights; 69. Cable TV inits.; 70. Baton Rouge sch.; 73. Runners’ locales; 74. It’s full of holes; 77. Rock guitarist once married to Goldie Hawn; 78, Commander; 79. Plan for dinner; 81. 1998 Sarah McLachlan hit; 82. Alpha; 84. Disapproving cry; 85. Bluesy Smith; 87. Night lights; 89. Rich soil; 91. Homeland protection org.; 92. Main mailbox locale: Abbr.; 94. Sweater flaw; 98. Castle and Cara; 101. Game played with a 40-card deck; 104. “Romanzero” poet; 103. Phone co. employee; 106. Suffix with billion; 107. Jalopy; 109. Univ. house; 111. Autumn birthstone; 112. Second start?; 114. Clinches; 116. Hanna-Barbera art; 117. German direction: 118. SHA Na Na; 120. Disco buy on "The Simpsons".

Hey! Draw in the martini... a timely toast to "Bond, James Bond!"


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