05.20.08 -- Menagerie


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

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Puzzle by Billie Truitt, edited by Will Shortz

A very active menagerie occupies this Tuesday crossword -- STYLINGMOOSE (20A. Antlered salon employee?), MISSINGLYNX (31A. Lost bobcat?), SPANKINGGNU (45A. Wildebeest who doesn’t spare the rod?) and CRASHINGBOAR (52A. Unwelcome porcine party attendee?), inter-related entries of paronomasia, along with stand-alones ROE (66A. European deer), MYNAHS (25D. Chatty avians), STUNG (32D. Attacked by a jellyfish), OCEAN(57A. Crawfish’s home) and OINK (22D. Barnyard sound).

Humans include a HOBO (14A. Boxcar hopper), RIDER (19A. Fare payer), NIA (24A. Actress Vardalos), MOE (25A. Curly poker), a SALESMAN (40A. One with a pitch), SRS (47A. Future alums: Abbr.), ROSA(64A. Parks of Montgomery), PHDS (1D. Profs’ degs.), BLONDIE (5D. Mrs. Bumstead), a WEELAD (30D. Li’l fellow) and EXPATS (27D. Nationals living abroad, informally).

Unmammalian entries of mammalian activities, et cetera, include TAKEANAP (36A. Grab some Z’s), UNEASE (34A. Heebie-jeebies), IRED (37A. Teed off), ENRAPT (29D. Wholly absorbed), ONENESS (43D. Unity), BLAB (5A. Spill the beans), TALE (60A. Tall story), LATE (15A. After the buzzer), SEW (28A. Make darts, say), IDLE (61A. Like some chatter), BEATS (65A. Cops’ rounds), PLOW (1A. Break ground in a way), CEASE (9A. Come to an end), OBEY (3D. Toe the line), “Up and ATEM!” (7D.), ADD (11D. Throw in), SEE (12D. Comprehend), ERR (13D. Slip up), BANNISTER (38D. Something to slide on), and ODOR (54D. What wavy lines signify in the comics).

Remainders of length include BEGONIAS (8D. Showy blooms), CORSAGE (9D. Prom accessory), OLDHAT (43A. Passé), ONAPAR (26D. Even [with]), LARGOS (6D. Slow movements in music), SKIRUNS (41D. Vail trails), SUISSE (28D. Genève’s land), GRILLE (46D. It’s between the headlights), WORLD (4D. Word before class or war), ORDER (16A. “The usual,” e.g.), followed by the short stuff -- ACE, ADEN, ALSO, BOB, BUS, COAT, DOER, DROP, ELLS, ERIE, ETD, HALO, IAMS, ICI, LAND, LOOT, LUNG, MICA, NAPA, OREG, REAP, RENT, and YEA.

Oh, and TBIRD.


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Across: 18. Salem’s state: Abbr.; 23. Woodworker’s groove; 38. Train alternative; 39. Vintner’s valley; 48. Approx. takeoff hr.; 49. Here, in Haiti; 50. Broadway musical with the song ‘Will I?!; 67. Tiny amount. Down: 2. Rioter’s take; 10. Toledo’s lake; 21. Big name in pet foods; 33. Come to earth; 35. Yemeni port; 42. Easily split mineral; 44. Pulmonary organ; 51. Rival of a “Vette; 52. Fur; 53. Saintly sign; 55. As well; 56. Gather in; 57. Short do; 58. 1 or 11, in twenty-one; 59. Roll call vote.


NYTAnonimo said...

You forgot this paranomasia link Donald. Enjoyable puzzle. Liked your WEELAD and TBIRD links.

DONALD said...


Paronomasia! We can always use a good link!

That TBIRD (as in the link) is where the car took it's name, but there's also some kind of booze with the moniker.