05.22.08 -- OMEN

Smoke Rings, Dzeni, Auckland, New Zealand

Thursday, May 22, 2008

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Puzzle by Richard Silvestri, edited by Will Shortz

The letter O -- two or three apiece for six proper names, referred to by OMEN (38D. Sign … or a description of the answers to the six starred clues?) -- constitute the inter-related entries of this Thursday thrasher: BJORNBORG (17A *Five-time Wimbledon winner); ROBMORROW (24A. *”Numb3rs” star); JOHNBROWN (51A. *Harpers Ferry raider); TOMPOSTON (64A. *”Newhart” actor); TOOTSSHOR (3D. *Famed restaurateur); DONKNOTTS (36D. *Co-star of “The Andy Griffith Show”).

O-MEN with additional non-O vowels include HARPO (7D. Silent film star); RATSO (45D. Role for Dustin Hoffman); ERNO (37D. Rubik of cube fame); MOE (47A. Howard in shorts); a TORY (43A. Winston Churchill, e.g.); 27D. : Paris :: Gardemoen : OSLO, qualifying as the Norse homonym meaning 'god' or 'divinity'; and WHOME (55D. Exclamation of feigned innocence) are lurking in the smoky shadows -- not NAMED (56D. Yclept) or set apart with an asterisk.

Where's WALDO?

Across: 1. Lively group?; 5. Volkswagen route; 9. Party to a Highland fling?; 13. Spoils; 14. “Dies IRAE”; 15. Founded: Abbr.; 19. Carnival booth; 20. Socrate” composer; 21. Copy; 22. Start court proceedings?; 23. Reggae relative; 26. Stumpers; 29. Card game whose name is called out during play; 30. Fire proof?; 31. “Son of” story; 35. Prefix with -logue or -gram; 39. Block; 41. “The Last Supper,” e.g.; 42. College quarters; 44. Be deceitful; 46. Phoenix-to-Flagstaff dir.; 49. Append; 57. 252-gallon unit; 58. Stretches; 59. Cry while pointing a finger; 60. Part of a portfolio; 63. Parsonage; 66. Skirt features; 67. Part of E.M.T.: Abbr.; 68. Classic spy plane; 69. Catfish Row denizen; 70. Fix up; 71. Cheater’s sound during a test.

Down: 1. Priests’ garb; 2. Red, as a Spanish wine; 4. Perfect pitch; 5. Overalls part; 6. Bellowing; 8. Region of Israel: Var.; 9. Textbook division; 10. Vesta, Pallas or Hygiea; 11. “The STARR Report” (1998 reading); 12. Cannon salute; 16. Gusted; 18. Converges on; 25. Haircut that’s short on the top and sides and long in back; 26. War ender; 28. “SEMPER paratus” (motto of the U.S. Coast Guard); 32. In the capacity of; 33. WWW address; 34. Take sides?; 40. Athletes on horses; 48. Preoccupy; 50. Misbehaves; 51. Sweet spreads; 52. Toothbrush brand; 54. One of an old drive-in double feature, maybe; 61. Female whales; 62. Speed unit; 65. Practiced.

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NYTAnonimo said...

Those omen should check this age progression software out before they start blowing smoke rings. Like the underwater rings. Enjoyed the puzzle and your writeup too Donald.