05.15.08 -- Sunrise, Sunset

Claude Monet (1840-1928) was a leader of the Impressionists—and in fact, the movement was named after one of his paintings, called Impression: Sunrise.
Thursday, May 15, 2008

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Puzzle by Elizabeth C. Gorski, edited by Will Shortz
SUNRISESUNSET (36A. Classic Broadway show tune, or a hint to the word ladder revealed by the answers to the eight starred clues); along with the across entries of DAWN (1. * Beginning); DARN (18. *”Rats!”); BARN (22. *Makeshift hangar); 33. *BURN center; TURN (41. *Right face, e.g.); TURK (53. *Relative of an Azerbaijani); TUSK (59. *Narwhal feature); DUSK (66. *End), are the inter-related entries of this clever and enjoyable crossword.

Across: 5. Year of Pope Sabinian’s death; 9. Barges; 14. Program of variety acts; 15. Former heavyweight champ Maskaev; 16 Eats at a bar; 17. Major money maker; 19. “ARENT we all!”; 20. If this ISOF any help …”; 21. IPSO jure (by the law itself); 23. Don’ts; 25. Home of novelist Mario Vargas Llosa; 27. Peter who wrote “Underboss”; 29. Going postal; 31. Sight from Lake Victoria; 35. Dead; 40. Taylor of the “The Nanny” and others; 42. Apple picker?; 44. Shimmer; 49. Some particulates; 50. Showed disloyalty; 52. Lobster claw; 55. Calls to 57-Across; 57. They’ve got a lot of pull; 58. Not discounted, say; 60. Nearest major airport to Bush’s Crawford ranch; 61. Attorney with the autobiography “My Life on Trial”; 62. Culturally show; 63. This, to Jorge; 64. Leaves in a salad; 65. Porter GOSS, former C.I.A director.

Down: 1. Mater DOMINI (Mary, in Latin prayers); 2. “Familiar Spirits” author Lurie; 3. Angelina’s “Girl, Interrupted” co-star; 4. Against; 5. Film producer DODI Al-Fayed; 6. Bell parts; 7. The “16” in “3:16”; 8. Cold-shoulder; 9. Stick with a toothpick; 10. Portion of a trick-or-treater’s haul; 11. Fit for use; 12. Follow-up to “Oh, yeah?”; 13. J.F.K. visitor, once; 24. British arms; 26. Roll out; 28. Clinton or Obama: Abbr.; 30. Pretexts; 32. Kind of acid found in oak; 34. After discounts; 36. Heaviest member of the weasel family; 37. Separate; 38. Swiss nationals, historically; 39. Throws out; 40. Apt. compartments; 43. Not homogeneous; 45. Mapped out; 46. Austin school, informally; 47. Chooses (to); 48. Title subject of a 1922 documentary in the National Film Registry; 51. Intro to science?; 54. “Charlie’s Angels” role; 56. “The SKYS the limit!”; 58. “Dirty Sexy Money” airer.
An OLIO of content, like life itself, full of surprises! This is a masterful little puzzle containing the gift of a day with it’s beginning of DAWN, it’s central entry of SUNRISE SUNSET, and DUSK at its very end.


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nutsquad said...

I love wednesday's

NYTAnonimo said...

This was an ingenious puzzle-liked your writeup Donald-enjoyed the links, especially the eclipse and Nanook of the North. Thanks!

DONALD said...


The eclipse represents the shortest possible sunrise/sunset, and Nanook (with one a year) the longest!

NYTAnonimo said...