05.26.08 -- To Tell the Tooth

The Fairy Queen by Sophie Anderson
Monday, May 26, 2008

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Puzzle by Mark Sherwood, edited by Will Shortz
At one time in Europe, there was a tradition to bury baby teeth that fell out. The most commonly accepted belief by academics is the fairy's development from the tooth mouse, depicted in an 18th century French language fairy tale. In "La Bonne Petite Souris," a mouse changes into a fairy to help a good Queen defeat an evil King by hiding under his pillow to torment him and knocking out all his teeth. -- Tooth Fairy, Wikipedia.
Now that makes for good business for DENTISTS (29A. Experts with the ends of 17- and 55-Across and 10- and 24-Down); with KNEEBRACES (17A. Strap-on leg supports); PIEFILLING (55A. Mincemeat, e.g.); BLASTINGCAP (10D. It sets things off); TRIPLECROWN (24D. Feat for Secretariat) -- the inter-related entries of this Monday, Memorial Day crossword puzzle.
A good-looking smile is important in Showbiz, which gets a fair representation with ACTOR (1A. Irons or Woods); BOZO (10A. Classic clown); SARDI (14A. Old Big Apple restaurateur); SEX (20A. Reason for an R rating); SISKEL (22A. Film critic Gene) and EBERT (60A. 22-Across’s longtime partner); Fox’s “American IDOL” [39A.]; JONI (50A. Mitchell who sang “Big Yellow Taxi”); CANE (2D. Chaplin prop); TATUM (31D. Jazz great Art); HEIDI (27D. Title heroine played by Shirley Temple in 1937); “Come Back, Little SHEBA” [32D.]; PALME d’Or (Cannes award) [34D.] .
The Dentist, 1622 -- Gerrit van Honthorst (1590-1659), Staatlische Kunstammlungen of Dresden.
Today’s puzzle doubles up a few entries. Forming a cross in the center of the puzzle are DAVID (37A. Michelangelo masterpiece) and DOVES (29D. Hawks’ opposites). Scattered through the puzzle are other pairs such as SOARS (30D. Goes up, up, up) and SORES (63A. Things to salve); PACE (7D. Show worry in the waiting room, maybe) and PAVE (15A. Put blacktop on); ZANE (12D. Western writer Grey) and ZACH (47D. 2007 Masters champion Johnson); OPART (6D. Some psychedelic designs) and OPAL (6A. Iridescent gem); OINK (11D. Sound piggish) and BOAR (49D. Wild hog).
Other notables: DARKSPOT (37D. Appearing and disappearing feature on Jupiter); LESSENED (9D. Decreased); FIREARMS (42A. Rifle and revolver); SIMILES (41D. “Fresh as a daisy” and others); RIBCAGE (5D. Chest protector); CHARGE (26A. Cavalry cry); MIASMA (44A. Poisonous atmosphere) and ZEBRAS (47A. Football refs) the other longer entries of the crossword.
The remaining acrosses: 16. Word repeated before “pants on fire”, LIAR; 19. Sister of Prince Charles, ANNE; 21. Apple seeds’ location, CORE; 24. Without slack, TAUT; 25. Lady’s partner, GENT; 33. Eagle’s next, AERIE; 34. Cornmeal bread, PONE; 35. Biblical flood survivor, NOAH; 36. Lame gait, LIMP; 38. Event proceeds, GATE; 40. Away from the storm, ALEE; 41. Cancel, at Cape Canaveral, SCRUB; 45. Part of a birthday celebration, CAKE; 46. Waste reservoir, SUMP; 51. “TIS the season …”; 54. “Peek-ABOO, I see you!”; 55. Gullet, CRAW; 59. Bones: Lat., OSSA; 61. Middle of many a steering wheel, HORN; 62. Wed. follower, THUR.
Downs: 1. Seeks info, ASKS; 3. "Jurassic Park" giant, informally, TREX: 4. Poem often titled “To a …”, ODE; 8. “AVE Maria”; 13. Baseball’s Hershiser, OREL; 18. Rakish sort, ROUE; 23. Bank statement abbr., INT; 25. Three wishes granter, GENIE; 26. Sacramento’s state: Abbr., CALIF; 28. Knight’s protection, ARMOR; 43. Org. that helps with tow service, AAA; 45. 44. Tax-exempt investment, for short, MUNI; To date, SOFAR; 48. Longest Spanish river, EBRO; 50. Bach’s “JESU, Joy of Man’s Desiring”; 51. Level, TIER; 52. Legal memo starter, INRE; 53. Some noncoms: Abbr., SGTS; 56. Approximately: Suffix, ISH; 57. Debt-incurring Wall St. deal, LBO.

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