05.09.08 -- Sleuth

Friday, May 9, 2008
Puzzle by Jim Page, edited by Will Shortz
This Friday’s crossword puzzle's entries are cleverly clued and evenly distributed with ROOMTEMPERATURE (36A. The lower 70s, say) slicing across the center, and the four corners evenly distributed with four sets of three long entries each.
Upper left across -- HAIRRAISERS (1. Terrifying tales); ACTIONMOVIE (15. One might have a stunt double); SHELLCASING (17. Bit of ballistic evidence). Upper right down -- SMALLHOURS (12. Predawn period); DARKSECRET (13. Potential reputation ruiner); SUBSYSTEMS (14. Secondary arrangements). Lower left down -- APRICOTJAM (25. Yellowish-orange spread); ROOTAROUND (26. Rummage); CROSSINDEX (27. It tells you where else to look). Lower right across -- HOMETHEATER (58. It often includes surround sound); ELECTRICIAN (61. One who may do a wire transfer); PARTYSNACKS (63. Chips and such).
A bit of mystery hovers over this crossword which contains enough evidence to arouse the curiousity of any good sleuth or solver.
After the heavy stuff, there is little room left for more than six-letter and five-letter entries with a smattering of four and three. TESLA (19A. Weber per square meter); NEEDS (22A. Philanthropic focus); PALSY (24A. Buddy-buddy); ARCADE (25A. Where many lives are expended); LATHES (29A. Bat shapers); LEICAS (31A. Some cameras); ORIOLE (40A. Builder of a hanging nest) and ORIEL (46A. Projecting bit of architecture); CASSIS (42A. Kir ingredient); DEISTS (44A. Some believers); GENOA (47A. Jib used to give a boat more speed); SPATE (52A. Rush); the egotistical ROLAND (5D. “Doonesbury” journalist Hedley); IMAGE (7D. Something to project); SOSAD (8D. “Such a tragedy”); EVILS (9D. Poisons); EELERS (23D. Trappers with pots); LAREDO (29D. 1960s TV western); EASEIN (45D. Park with great care, e.g.); GOMER (47D. TV marine); ELECT (48D. Provide a seat for); NETTY (49D. Like lace).
Nice that ELECT and ELECTRICIAN cross, especially with the clue Provide a seat for -ZZZAP! Haven’t seen ORIEL and ORIOLE in the same puzzle together before today’s -- or for that matter, TOI and TOIL.
It’s the little stuff that gives the solver of this crossword the upper hand -- Across: 12. Org. that called ‘60s strikes; 16. Egyptian MAU (cat breed); 18. Market figure, briefly; 20. Certain fund-raiser; 21. Organization originally called the Jolly Corks; 30. Computer connection; 35. The 10 in 10/20: Abbr.; 39. Ricky Nelson’s “ITS Late” ; 41. Home of Utah Valley State College; 50. Coloring; 51. Designer Kenneth; 57. “Oklahoma!” bad guy; 60. Suffix for some cyclic compounds; 62. A multiple of CLI. Down: 1. Shakespeare own?; 2. Feel eager; 3. Plural suffix with urban; 4. Moon marking; 6. Not at all recent: Abbr.; 10. Actress Morelli of “The Leopard,” 1963; 11. Div.; 21. Fill up on; 24. Simon & Garfunkel's "El Condor PASA"; 32. British record giant; 33. You might take stock in it: Abbr.; 34. Certain character sketch; 37. It’s not light work; 38. French pronoun; 43. Word in a 27-Down; 51. Mixer option; 53. Cousin of a guinea pig; 54. Axiom ender; 55. Alternative to cedar; 56. Flying piscivores; 58. Not squaresville; 59. Crowd-thrilling hits: Abbr.
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Great link for ARCADE to the YouTube video of Dragon's Lair - Death Scenes -- love it!