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Friday, May 23, 2008
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Puzzle by Patrick John Duggan, edited by Will Shortz

WHOVILLE (7A. Dr. Seuss story setting), along with AUREVOIR (16A. Parting words); ISITSAFE (18A. Memorable “Marathon Man” query) start the merry-go-round of long entries in this Friday Memorial-Day-weekend puzzle. Starting from there (upper right) and continuing clockwise to lower right are THEALAMO (36D. Historic mission); SOPRANOS (38D. Crime family); UPSSTORE (38D. Popular boxing venue); to lower left with LEANONME (54A. 1989 film set in an inner-city high school); DUTYFREE (58A. Like some airport purchases); SPECTERS (60A. Spirits); and upper left, SSMINNOW (1D. It was shipwrecked in 1964 somewhere in the South Pacific); CORLEONE (2D. Crime family name); and ATTESTED (3D. Bore witness [to]).

What else?...

Across: 1. Blister; 15. “Anyway, after that…”; 17. Fop in “The Wind in the Willows”; 19. Reunion, for one; 20. One of a French literary trio; 22. National Do Not Call Registry org.; 23. 1987 Costner role; 25. Like a wet blanket; 26. Cross; 27. Untagged; 29. Bush league?; 30. Reddish-brown gems; 31. “If you shoot at mimes, should you use a silencer?,” e.g.; 33. Plane part; 34. Celebratory cry; 35. Literally, “art of softness”; 39. Animation bit; 40. Popular teen hangout, once; 41. Drives away; 44. Item on a vine; 45. Doesn’t spoil; 46. Fifth state to ratify the Constitution: Abbr.; 47. Study aid?; 49. Where you can find hammers and anvils; 50. Beginning and end of 20-Across’s motto; 51. Philosopher who coined the phrase “the best of all possible worlds”; 53. Muscle strengthened by a pulldown exercise, in brief; 56. Cheese type; 59. Charm; 61. Boot.

Down: 4. Le Duc THO (Nobel Peace Prize refuser); 5. Bucket of bolts; 6. ENDON a high note; 7. Have in prospect; 8. “Quiet!”; 9. Constellation with the star Betelgeuse; 10. Kerry and McCain, e.g.; 11. “Grey’s Anatomy” hookups; 12. Good-for-nothing’; 13. Stolen; 14. Builds up; 21. Doctor often seen on writers’ bookshelves; 24. Element used to make semiconductors; 26. Potential buyer’s question; 28. Destroyers of many castles; 30. Three-time Emmy-winning game show host; 32. Zero; 33. Mac; 35. Title girl in a 1958 hit by the Playmates; 40. Military construction crew; 41. Burns; 42. Lie low; 43. Like post midnight TV shows; 44. Furniture cover; 47. Art class; 48. Played out; 51. Converted housing; 52. Man-to-man alternative; 55. U.N.’s home; 57. Word with weather or world.

With both CORLEONE and the SOPRANOS in the same puzzle, it's AUREVOIR, and off to Whatville!


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