05.04.09 -- Forget It!

Monday, May 4 , 2009
Puzzle by Mark Milhet, edited by Will Shortz
GETTING COLD FEET, CHICKENING OUT and LOSING ONE’S NERVE, all clued as “Succumbing to second thoughts” are the interrelated entries of this Monday back-to-work crossword puzzle.
There are four eight-letter entries, BLESS YOU (11D. “Gesundheit!), CORN PONE (36D. Dixie bread), HARASSED (37D. Pestered), ICE SHEET (12D. Arctic covering), and two of seven letters, FERULES (40D. Old schoolmasters’ sticks) and TOTTERS (13D. Walks unsteadily).
Six letter entries -- ATEMPO (2D. Returning to the previous speed, in music); EMERGE (46D. Come out); ERRORS (42A Blunders); GONE IN (39D. Entered); HAND IN (33A. Submit, as homework); INSERT (48D. Add with a caret, e.g.); IPECAC (18D. Drug used to treat poisoning); LATHER (3D. Agitated state); LEGION (1D. Veteran’s group, informally; 47D. MARVEL Comics, home of Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four); 41A. Colbert NATION (Comedy Central show audience); ODD LOT (9D. Fewer than 100 shares); OPENED (23A. Performed prior to the main act); RAIN ON (43D. Ruin, as one’s parade); SEAMAN (52A. Sailor); STAYER (31A. One still in the game, in poker).
Five-letter -- ASTIN (4D. Actor/brother Sean or Mackenzie); ATEAM (53D. Starting group of athletes); DELCO (16A. Battery brand); ENERO (62A. Start of the Spanish calendar); IMHIP (20A. Beatnik’s “Got it!”); INRED (55A. How Santa dresses, mostly); ITERS (58A. Anatomical passages); KRONA (51D. Swedish coin); ORBIT (9A. Path around the earth); SEDAN (65A. Two-door or four-door car); 30D. Mount SINAI, where the Commandments where given to Moses; SKOAL (21A. “Salut!,” in Scandinavia); SNOOT (8D. High-hatter).
Short stuff -- AGER, ALLY, AOK, ARON and ATON, CUES, DEAL, DUNK, EDEN, EMI, ENOL, ERGS, ETAS, FOAL, HILO, IRA, ISBN (45A. 978-0060935443, for Roget‘s Thesaurus) , JAN, JETS, LALA, LAWS, MELT, NIBS and NITS, NOAH, NOR, REF, RNA, SHE and SHY, SONG, SST, TOES, TOCK, TWO, UPS and downs.
He who hesitates…
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Remaining clues -- Across: 1. In ___ land (daydreaming); 5. Boeing products; 14. Greek vowels; 15. Elvis Presley’s middle name; 22. Concorde, in brief; 25. What it takes to tango; 26. “That’s all ___ wrote”; 27. Neither’s partner; 28. Billiard sticks; 35. Low digits; 40. Mare’s newborn; 46. U.K. record label; 49. Genetic material; 50. Hunky-dory; 63. Biblical captain for 40 days and 40 nights; 64. Golden ___ (senior citizen); 66. Friend in war; 67. Unfreeze. Down: 5. Dutch painter Steen; 6. Energy units; 7. Tick- ___; 10. Fight adjudicator, for short; 19. Statutes; 24. Easy two-pointer in basketball; 29. Genesis garden; 32. Loads; 33. Largest city on the island of Hawaii; 34 Tiny criticisms; 38. Writing points; 44. Any one of the Top 40; 56. Certain alkene; 57. Order to the person holding the deck of cards; 60. Author Levin; 61. Not camera-ready?

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