05.31.09 -- Spiral, the Diagramless

Chambered Nautilus Sea Shell
Sunday, May 31, 2009
Diagramless Puzzle by Francis Heaney, edited by Will Shortz
This diagramless is 18 squares wide by 15 squares deep and has an asymmetrical pattern resembling a chambered nautilus shell.
Across: 1.
NICK FALDO, Three-time Masters winner who’s now a TV golf analyst; 10. DANIEL BOONE, Eponym of a Kentucky national forest; 12. NAUTILUS SHELL, Source of an osmena pearl; 14. MUNRO, Short-story writer Alice; 15. SKIM, Go over quickly; 17. KUDZU, Comic strip that shares a name with an invasive plant; 18. PURGED, Got rid of; 24. ONYX, Traditional July birthstone; 26. ASIA, Where Tibet is; 27. RAGNAROK, Cataclysmic event in Norse myth that inspired Götterdämmerung”; 29. KEMP, Dole’s 1996 running mate; 31. PIS, Tecs; 32. CEPHALOPOD, Creature in a 12-Across, for one; 34. YEA; Senate affirmative; 35. PCT, %: Abbr.; 36. BAR, Prevent; 37. SERA, Hospital injections; 38. END, Wind up; 39. ABC, “All My Children” airer; 40. SPIRAL, Shape of a 12-Across; 44. FEY, Tina who played Sarah Palin; 45. SOAP, “All My Children,” e.g.; 47. SKATE, Glide (over); 48. IAN, English novelist McEwan; 49. XMAS, Big shopping season, for short; 51. APEX, Tiptop; 52. ENE, Hydrocarbon suffix; 53. PROF, T.A. someday, maybe; 55. RNS, I.C.U. workers; 56. CHAMBERED, Like a 12-Across; 61. OCTOPUS, Kind of 32-Across; 62. EVIAN, Spring water brand.
Down: 1.
NAURU, Micronesian national once called Pleasant Island; 2. Call INTO question; 3. CII, Caesar’s 102; 4. KEL, Kenan’s TV pal; 5. Swine FLU; 6. ABS, Parts of a washboard; 7. LOS, The “L” in L.A.; 8. DOH, “I’m a moron!”; 9. ONES, Singles; 10. DANZA, “Taxi” co-star; 11. ELKO, Nevada city; 12. NUDIST CAMP, Vacation spot for people who like to pack light; 13. LINK, Chain part; 14. MUSIC BOX, Portable player that has only one song; 16. MY EYE, “Nonsense!”; 17. KAPPAS, Some sorority women; 18 PAPRIKA, Goulash spice; 19. UGH, “Gross!”; 20. RNA, Genetic stuff; 21. GAL, Gas station meas.; 22. EROS, Boy with a bow; 23. DOPE FIEND, Candidate for rehab; 25. XMEN, Magneto’s enemies; 27. REAPS, Harvests; 28. KOREANS, Most Hyundai employees; 30. PAD, Place to set a hot dish; 32. CBS, Radios for good buddies; 33. Singer Taylor DAYNE; 41. RAP, Grammy genre; 42. ATE, Fed.; 43. LEX, Latin law; 46. PARC, Picnicking place, in Paris; 50. SOHO, Neighborhood north of TriBeCa; 54. FACE, Confront; 55. RES, Dwelling: Abbr.; 57. MTV, Network that owns Comedy Central; 58. OutKast member Big BOI; 59. EPA, Eco-friendly org.; 60. RUN, Baseball score.
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