Queen of the May

May Queen,
Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Queen of the May, Puzzle by Fred Piscop, edited by Will Shortz
If you subscribe to The New York Times on-line Premium Crosswords, you are probably familiar with the monthly puzzle. For May, the title of the crossword is
Queen of the May, and this month‘s wonderful crossword features "Queen" in forty-some clues of the crossword.
Across: 1.
Croquet opponent of the Queen of Hearts; 6. Queen Anne’s LACE; 10. “Queen of the Damned” author Anne; 14. Subjects of Queen Margrethe II; 15. “Queens Logic” actor Ken; 17. Racecourse founded by Queen Anne; 21. Queen consort of Spain’s King Alfonso; 23. Babar’s queen; 27. O’Donnell, “the Queen of Nice”; 28. Lover of Queen Dido of Carthage; 34. Queen’s topper; 35. Patronized Dairy Queen, say; 36. “The Lion King” queen; 47. Fit for a queen; 48. 2004 Queen Latifah movie; 50. Poe’s “queenliest dead that ever died so young”; 51. “Caribbean Queen” singer Billy; 56. “The Faerie Queen” poet; 63. Like a drag queen; 65. Queen’s topper; 69. What the knave stole from the Queen of Hearts.
Down: 1.
“Queen for A DAY” (old TV show); 5. Gloria, “the Queen of Latin Pop”; 6. “Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen” star Lindsay; 12. Worker, drone or queen, among bees; 26. Shakespeare’s queen of the fairies; 29. ERLE Stanley Gardner (Ellery Queen contemporary); 30. American-born queen of Jordan; 33. Brood NEST (place for a queen bee); 35. ALEX Haley’s Queen” (1993 miniseries); 37. Yemeni port with a famous statue of Queen Victoria; 38. Dairy Queen’s features the letters DQ; 47. Race for the Queen’s Cup; 51. “A Night at the OPERA” (Queen album); 55. “Queen Christina” star Garbo; 56. Queen Mary for one; 57. Indian queen; 59. King, queen or jack; 60. “Queen of Sheba” artist.
Oh, and
Happy Mother’s Day!
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