05.03.09 -- A Stately Garden

Stately Garden I, John Wainwright
May 3, 2009
A STATELY GARDEN, Puzzle by Caleb Madison, edited by Will Shortz
In circled letters within eight across entries,
state flowers constitute the interrelated group of this Sunday crossword -- the list:
VIOLET: 23.VIOLIN CONCERTOS, Five works of Mozart [Rhode Island].
ROSE: 29. AGREE TO DISAGREE, Not completely settle an argument [New York].
LILY: 48. ALVIN AILEY, “Revelations” choreographer [Utah].
PEONY: 58. EXPERT TESTIMONY, Trial hearing? [Indiana].
CARNATION: 68. CASH TRANSACTION, It’s never made with plastic [Ohio].
LILAC: 82. CLINT BLACK, Country singer with the #1 album and single “Killin’ Time” [New Hampshire].
LAUREL: 95. LAURENCE OLIVIER, He played a Nazi in “Marathon Man” and a Nazi hunter in “The Boys From Brazil” [Connecticut].
POPPY: 108. PUT ON A HAPPY FACE, “Bye Bye Birdie” tune [California].
Remaining across -- 1. Source of some bangs, SCALP; 6. Beats it, HIES; 10. It may be produced at a construction site, DIN; 13. Shame, ABASH; 18. Big name in wrapping, ALCOA; 19.
Onetime Robert De Niro role, AL CAPONE; 21. Mario Puzo sequel, OMERTA; 22. Relatives of balalaikas, LUTES; 25. Tricks, in a way, SNOWS; 26. Word with spiny or electric, EEL; 27. Disco STU of “The Simpsons”; 28. Like kibbutzim, ISRAELI; 33. Where IT’S AT; 34. Onetime Robert De Niro role, DON; 35. Noted 1960s flower child, ONO; 36. Address, PLACE; 38. Person on deck?, SAILOR; 42. Chief city of Moravia, BRNO; 44. Subject of the biography “The Man Who Invented the Twentieth Century”, TESLA; 45. Mark and Anthony: Abbr., STS; 50. “Golly!”, GEE; 51. Arched part, INSTEP; 53. The whole shebang, A TO Z; 54. Chinese dynasty before the Shang, HSIA; 55. Produce some combinations, say, BOX; 56. Less adorned, SPARER; 57. Bx. Or Bklyn., BOR; 62. “Yahoo!”, YIPPEE; 66. Duodecim, XII; 67. Like some parking, NOSE IN; 72. Honor student’s boast, for short, GPA; 75. Public squares in ancient Greece, AGORAE; 76. Roar : lion :: bugle : ELK; 77. Sooner, OKIE; 79. OMAR Little, “The Wire” gangster; 80. GRAEME Park, colonial Pennsylvania site near Philadelphia; 81. Match part, SET; 84. Pound sound, YIP; 85. “Carnaval sur la plage” artist, ENSOR; 87. Part of a Latin 101 conjugation, AMAS; 88. WrestleMania locales, ARENAS; 89. Go-aheads, YESES; 90. Friendly opening?, ECO; 91. Golden Globe winner Zadora, PIA; 92. Play hard TO GET; 103. Harmonica-like instrument, OCARINA; 106. Zany, NUT; 106. Just what the drs. Ordered?, RXS; 107. Aristocrat, NOBLE; 111. Flip response?, I LOSE; 112. Accompanier of a harrow, in Harrow, PLOUGH; 113. Airbus, e.g., JETLINER; 114. Shirk, AVOID; 115. Out of SORTS; 116. Ques. Follower, ANS; 117. Stylist’s stock, GELS; 118. Round at a soda fountain, COKES.
Down: 1. It might be picante, SALSA; 2. Held (to), CLUNG; 3. Lineman?, ACTOR; 4.
“My Fair Lady” composer, LOEWE; 5. Relayed, PASSED ON; 6. Wear, HAVE ON; 7. Comment after “So”, I LIED; 8. Unwanted breakout, ECOLI; 9. “Do the right Thing” role, SAL; 10. “Stay!”, DON‘T GO; 11. Bring about, INCUR; 12. Prefix with noir, NEO; 13. 1972 #1 hit that starts “A long long time ago”, AMERICAN PIE; 14. Jump on, BERATE; 15. They may be patronized by señors and señoras, ARTES; 16. Classical wrap, STOLA; 17. Is charismatic, HAS IT; 20. Italian sculptor Nicola or Giovanni, PISANO; 21. Training acad., OCS; 24. Physicist Bohr, NIELS; 30. It’s read from right to left, TORAH; 31. “Like no other” sloganeer, SONY; 32. Foil alternative, EPEE; 37. Groups of stars, A-LISTS; 38. 9-3 and 9-5 car manufacturer, SAAB; 39. One in a four-part harmony, ALTO; 40. Bar since 1879, IVORY SOAP; 41. LIZ Lemon, Tina Fey’s “30 Rock” character; 42. Karen BLIXEN, real name of author Isak Dinesen; 43. Gain, REAP; 44. Communication that might include “OMG” and “TTYL”, TEXT; 45. Sideshow attraction, STRONGMAN; 48. Almost any girl in “Gossip Girl”, TEEN; 47. Nimble, SPRY; 49. “I SEE A bad moon rising” (1969 song lyric); 50. Fielder’s call, GOT IT; 52. Northern Scandinavian, SAMI; 55. Symbol of thickness, BRICK; 59. Worship, EXALT; 60. Japanese mushrooms, ENOKIS; 61. SON-IN-law; 63. Their, in Munich, IHRE; 64. Where fund-raisers might be planned, PTA MEETINGS; 65. Gets ready for a date, perhaps, PREENS; 68. Cunning, CAGY; 69. Prefix with cultural, AGRI; 70. Diviner, e.g., SEER; 71. Kansas county seat, IOLA; 73. Cousin of a guinea pig, PACA; 74. 30-Down holders, ARKS; 78. Amazon business, E-TAIL; 79. OLE Anderson, Hemingway character; 81. McGwire rival, once, SOSA; 82. “You know you want to!”, C‘MON; 83. Genius, BRAINIAC; 86. Biblical interjection, SELAH; 87. ACETYL group, in organic chemistry; 89. Cry often heard at home, YER OUT; 90. Can’t take it anymore, ERUPTS; 91. Wannabes, POSERS; 92. Big name in cards, TOPPS; 93. Eye: Prefix, OCULO; 94. Nickname for Ron Guidry, GATOR; 96. Let out, UNPEN; 97. Stretch one’s neck, CRANE; 98. Microsoft Office program, EXCEL; 99. Car with a name that’s Latin for “I roll”, VOLVO; 100. Bygone Apple product, IBOOK; 101. Elmer the Bull’s mate, ELSIE; 102. Orchestra section, REEDS; 104. “I’ll pass”, NAH; 109. Album with the 1978 hit “Deacon Blues”, AJA; 110. Provider of Eve’s leaves, FIG.
For the first Sunday in May, a perfect bouquet!
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