05.11.09 -- Musical Monday

The Music Party,
Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, 1626
Monday, May 11, 2009
Puzzle by Fred Piscop, edited by Will Shortz
SHE’S A LADY (17A. 197 Tom Jones hit), YOU’RE SO VAIN (30A. 1972 Carly Simon hit), I’M A BELIEVER (48A. 1966 Monkees hit) and HE’S A REBEL (66A. 1962 Crystals hit) are the interrelated entries of this melodic Monday back-to-work crossword puzzle, and it’s a classic!
Mid-size entries -- GAZEBOS (9D. Garden pavilions); INCHES (50D. Rainfall units); LENSMEN (52A. Photographers, informally); PEYOTE (8D. Mescaline-yielding cactus); RECTOR (53A. Parish leader); REMNANT (45D. Carpet leftover); SCENTS (23A. Perfumery emanations).
Special mention might be made of 58A NACHO chip, which might be topped with 19-Across 27-Down dip, that makes for a NACHO with ZESTY (19A. Appealingly piquant) SALSA (27D. Tex-Mex preparation) -- SALSA?, hell, throw in a little TABASCO (25A. Hot sauce brand)!
This crossword is ALIVE (61A. Still kicking) with five-letter entries -- ADHOC (2D. Kind of committee); ANIME (34D. Japanese cartoon art); AVAIL (26D. Be of use); AVIAN (16A. Bird-related); 71A. Poet Stephen Vincent BENET; CAVIL (33D. Be nitpicky), like some crossword blogs!; CITES (28D. Uses as a reference), ditto; CLEAT (54D. Golf shoe gripper); ESSEN (4D. Krupp Works city); GAMMA (9A. Letter after beta); 62A. JABBA the Hutt of “Star Wars”; KEENE (3D. New Hampshire college town); LISTS (1D. Rosters); NIOBE (21A. Weeper of Greek myth); ONSET (29D. Beginning stage); OVERT (56D. Plain to see); PISAN (35D. Native of the Leaning Tower city); RELEE (57D. C.S.A. general); REEVE (32D. Superman portrayer Christopher); SALTS (38A. Seasons or deices); SNERD (40A. Bergen dummy Mortimer); SNOBS (36D. Nose-in-the-air sorts), like some crossword bloggers!; TIBIA (55D. Fibula’s neighbor); TONER (20A. Photocopier cartridge contents); VISOR (44A. Windshield flip-down).
Short stuff -- AIRE, ALE, ANIN, ANY, ARTY, AVE, AYE, BAS, BEE, BIN, CAPS, DEER (42D. Animal that may be caught in the headlights), EBAN, ELLY, HELL (59D. Satan’s domain); HEMP, HOL, IDES, ISEE, JAB, LAKE, LAST, LEA, MAT, MIDI, MIS, OBIE, OSLO, PRE, REAR (51D. Derrière), REV, SLOE, SOPS, TATE (73A. London art gallery), URN (31D. Makeshift vote receptacle).
Have a good week, and if you can’t sing, whistle while you work!
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Remaining clues -- Across: 1. Africa’s ___ Victoria; 5. Rope material; 14. ___ of March; 15. Theater award; 33. Items on which baseball insignia appear; 37. Opposite of post-; 39. Have ___ (be connected); 43. Words of understanding; 46. Geese formation shape; 47. Finishing 11th out of 11, e.g.; 69. ___ May Clampett of “The Beverly Hillbillies”; 70. Suffix with concession; 72. Gin flavoring. Down: 5. Christmas of Thanksgiving: Abbr.; 6. Abba of Israel; 10. N.Y.C.’s Park or Lex; 11. Prefix with place or print; 12. Yoga class surface; 13. “___ takers?”; 18. Pseudo-stylish; 22. English majors’ degs.; 24. Absorbs, with “up”; 41. Minister’s nickname; 49. Meadow; 60. Norway’s capital; 62. Sharp left or right, in the ring; 63. Ginger ___; 64. Bargain basement container; 65. Quilting party; 67. Sailor’s assent.

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