05.29.09 -- Nonsense!

May 29, 2009
Puzzle by Randolph Ross, edited by Will Shortz
Equal, essentially is the clue for ASPARTAME and likewise ARTIFICIAL. Pops is DEAR OLD DAD and beneath is INFERIOR TO“Lost” category is PAST TENSE (verb, not TV) while from this moment on is ANY LONGER. IN ONE SENSE (29D. From a particular perspective) this crossword puzzle may appear homeostatic, e.g., IN BALANCE; however, initial STARES (44A. Some are blank) are guaranteed.
What kind of clues are those? Producers of bold words produces TYPE FACES, long while is a
DOG’S AGE accompanied by WOOFING (39A. Kennel clamor); memorable is REDLETTER, while the Sir Francis Drake discovery of 1579 is not California, but the GOLDEN GATE.
Solid ground is had somewhat with
RCA VICTOR (18A. Introducer of 45’s in ‘49), HENRY VIII (52A. Charlton Heston’s “The Prince and the Pauper” role), SALERNO (33A. Allied landing site of September 1943) and CONGRESSES (30D. Meetings of delegates). Throw in a SEAHORSE (24D. Cousin of a stickleback) and a few entertainment names, e.g., HEATON (36A. “Everybody Loves Raymond” Emmy winner Patricia), LIN Manuel Miranda, “In the Heights” Tony winner; TRITT (10D. Singer of the #1 country hit “Foolish Pride”), a little literature, NATE (12D. With 20-Down kiddie-lit counterpart of Sherlock Holmes) THE GREAT along with columnists Molly IVINS and Herb CAEN (26D. Columnist who wrote “Don‘t Call It Frisco,” 1953).
If one ATTUNES (37A. Gets in sync), and to be HONEST (23A. Like some opinions), CENTRE (26A. Middle of the British Isles?) is of no help in doing so, one may pass PART ONE (6D. Series kickoff) with the non-horse derby dry-goods dealer, a DRAPER, and discover ALDERS to be charcoal wood sources, smile bemusedly at ENOTE atop AFLAT (Online message / G neighbor), wince at SPARERS being those that let people off and choke on THE GO (21A. What busy people are on).
Remains of the day -- ARLES, ASCENT, DIGIT, DOER, DRYICE, EERO, ETCH, FER, FILA, ITALO, LAIC, LEAF (One that‘s stalked), LEASE, LEOS, ONBY, OREO (Ice cream mix-in), PENN, SHIA, SLATING, SMOG, SPOUT, SPUR, STYLO, TAV as in Torah, TETE, URAL, WAVER, WEEPIER (Comparatively maudlin), WISE, VAN (
It‘ll help you make your move).
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Remaining clues: Across: 1. Place holder?; 27. Congregational; 40. Action figure; 43. Backwoods pro?; 45. Oracular; 46. Jet; 56. Flat piece of paper?; 58. Where some sunflowers were painted. Down: 4. Ethnic prefix; 5. Head of Notre Dame; 6. Series kickoff; 7. Way up; 11. Prepare a plate perhaps; 13. Cause of a bad air day?; 14. Finnish pent athlete Lehtonen; 34. Some July arrivals; 44. Parisian pen; 45. Not stick to one’s guns; 46. Ayatollah, e.g.; 47. State-founding Friend; 48. “Walk ___” (1964 hit); 49. The Ilek is one of its tributaries; 51. Adidas alternative.

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