05.08.09 -- No Duck Soup!

“From hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee!“
Friday, May 8, 2009
Puzzle by John Farmer, edited by Will Shortz
The clue for CINCHES reads (5D. They’re duck soup), which one will find defined as slang for an easily accomplished task or assignment. Hmm, no plural -- no duck soups?! In any event, this crossword ain’t no duck soup! The count-down:
Thirteen-letter entries -- QUIET ON THE SET (12A. Order given before shooting starts); CUT YOUR LOSSES (10D. Advice in a bear market, maybe);
BEAUFORT SCALE (11D. The higher this goes, the more it blows); PERIODIC TABLE (44A. Science class decoration).
Eleven-letter --
CAPTAIN AHAB (10A. “From hell’s heart I stab at thee; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee” speaker); QUANTUM LEAP (Abrupt change); SPACE NEEDLE (49A. Landmark in Elvis Presley’s “It Happened at the World’s Fair”); THE FUGITIVE (13D. TV drama featuring Dr. Richard Kimble).
Nine -- BOOT CAMPS (1A. Military trials?);
ISINGLASS (50A. Common mica); PRESCIENT (14D. Visionary); STATE TREE (17D. Magnolia or pecan).
Seven --
CURRANT (29A. Fruit for a tart); FABERGE (31A. Egg maker); GLARING (33D. Hard to miss).
Six --
ANTHER (6D. Pollen bearer in a flower); BORDEN (36D. Cremora brand); COAXED (39A. Used butter on, maybe); I’M LATE (32A. Untimely cry?); JABBED (25D. Drew a cross response?); KARATE (19D. Class that’s not just for kicks); KOSHER (19A. Allowed); MAX OUT (28A. Go to the limit).
Five -- APTER (24A. More inclined); BLAZE (36A. Brilliant display);
CROCI (39D. Perennials with cup-shaped flowers); ELOPE (35A. Get a hand on the road?); JAFFA (25A. Mediterranean port since ancient times); MAHER (7D. “Real Time” host); MAIZE (28D. It comes in ears); OPINE (20D. Give a piece of one’s mind?).
Four --
BAIT (1D. Chum, e.g.); BIAS (42D. Color); BRRR (42A. Comment from the chattering class?); 15A. CHEW toy (pet shop purchase); DAVE (43A. Early TV host Garroway); DBLS (43D. Some baseball hits: Abbr.); FLAX (31D. Linen fiber); GLIB (33A. Superficial); NEST (38A. Settle in); PUTT (14A. Six-footer, maybe); RAPT (30D. In reverie); RIAS (27A. Coastal features); 22D. SAXE-Weimar-Eisenach (duchy until W.W.I); STAT (21D. Steals, e.g.); SUET (22A. Steamed pudding ingredient).
Three -- ADS (48D. Some spreads); AHS (16A. Magic show reactions);
CEL (46D. Old Walt Disney production); CIE (40A. Inc. abroad); ENO (23A. Creator of the “Microsoft sound” played when Windows 95 starts); 2D. “Behold, the heavens do OPE”: Shak.; OTT (3D. Giant on the cover of Time magazine, 1945; STR (37A. Naval chart abbr.); STU (26A. Lantz of the 1960s- ‘70s N.B.A.); 4D. “That was Zen, this is TAO” (bumper sticker); TAS (41A. Some proctors, for short); TIT (34A. Small bird); RAY (18A. Glimmer); SAS (9D. Lander at Arlanda); RPI (45D. Upstate N.Y. school); 47D. “TEA With Mussolini” (Zeffirelli film).
PHEW (8D. “They almost got me!”)!
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