05.01.09 -- Stumper?

Woodsman, artwork by Vebjorn Stromenn
Friday, May 1, 2009
Puzzle by Joon Pahk, edited by Will Shortz
POL (27A. Stumper?) is as good a short example of a Saturday crossword clue of which one can conjure. Yes, it's not an AXE, and yes, this crossword continues in the same vein -- clues of strained creditability, often opinionated, all for fairly common entries with a few exceptions. The two longest entries, KLEPTOCRACY (7D. Government marked by rampant greed and corruption) and DNA SEQUENCE (26D. Biochemical arrangement), are oddly enough clued in perhaps the most straightforward manner of the lot. The remaining clues for shorter entries seem to be issued by an eroded Sphinx in the desert. What's to say -- it's May Day!
Across: 1. Take the wheels out from under?,
CARJACK; 8. Arms on shoulders, MUSKETS; 15. Opposite of depression, AROUSAL; 16. Object of many an appraisal, ANTIQUE; 17. Like wingdings, FESTIVE; 18. Win, PROCURE; 19. Add (up), TOT; 20. Nombre after six, SEPT; 22. Way to repay, IN KIND; 23. They may create a buzz, ALES; 25. Hidebound, STODGY; 28. They're not exactly user-friendly, NARCS; 30. Completely dominate, OWN; 31. 50-Across sight, WAVE; 32. Venezuela is in it, OPEC; 34. Claims, ALLEGES; 37. Block, BARRIER; 40. Polar bears, e.g., SEALERS; 41. Subject of plays by Sophocles, Sartre and O'Neill, ELECTRA; 42. Turnoff, EXIT; 43. Indication of longing, SIGH; 44. Poule's partner, COQ; 46. The appendix extends from it, CECUM; 50. Hydrospace, SEA; 51. Arrangement, LAYOUT; 54. Mounted, ROSE; 55. Catch, ENTRAP; 57. Donald FEHR of the Major League Baseball Players Association; 59. "HE'S in Love" ("Kismet" song); 60. Guy making passes, MATADOR; 62. Picks up, NEATENS; 64. Stand against a wall, perhaps, ETAGERE; 65. One who's registered for work?, CASHIER; 66. Doesn't take well, RESENTS; 67. Presses, EXHORTS.
Down: 1. Unisex wear, CAFTAN; 2. Small hollow in a surface, in biology, AREOLA; 3. Diamond information, ROSTER; 4. Protuberate, JUT; 5. Just like that, AS IS; 6. Relents, CAVES; 8. It may contain the whole world, MAP; 9. Strip of gear, UNRIG; 10. Expressionless, STONY; 11. What a spiked drink has, KICK; 12. Army outfit, EQUIPAGE; 13. Gridiron boo-boo, TURNOVER; 14. Like ferns, SEEDLESS; 21. Request after breaking down, TOW; 24. Assail scathingly, SCORCH; 29. Stick in the fire, SPIT; 31. Tumble and toss about, WELTER; 33. "Most miserable hour that EER time saw": Lady Capulet; 35. Imperator's law, LEX; 36. Flock member, LAIC; 37. Big name in steelmaking, BESSEMER; 38. Put off, ALIENATE; 39. Meets near the shore?, REGATTAS; 45 Reaction to a slug, OOF; 47. Sibling, often, COHEIR; 48. Predecessor of Web forums, USENET; 49. Quaint letter opener: Abbr., MESSRS; 51. Afflicted (with), LADEN; 52. Left on board, APORT; 53. Bad thing to get from your boss, THE AX; 56. Be uncontrolled, RAGE; 58. Precipitate, RASH; 61. Image specification, for short, RES; 63. However briefly?, THO.
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