05.17.08 -- Lost and Found -- Takeaway Crossword

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Sunday, May 17, 2009
TAKEAWAY CROSSWORD by Matt Ginsberg, edited by Will Shortz
A note is printed above the crossword puzzle reading “One letter of the alphabet has been removed from each clue every time it appears in the clue. If you remove this letter from the clue's answer, the remaining letters will themselves spell a word, which is to be entered in the grid. For example, the clue "Be a sni*ch" would suggest "Be a snitch" with a missing T, leading to the answer TATTLE, which, with the T's removed, would be entered in the grid as ALE. Every answer is a regular word or name except as indicated.”
Across: 1. Twink!*, GLAM (gleam); 5. Ou*look, VISA (vista); 9. “DanI*l Boon*” actor, DAMS (Ed Ames); 13. Gung-*o [Lat.], RARA (rah rah); 14. Sp*tted cats, CELTS (ocelots); 15. Male chauvini*t *ay, EXIT (sexist); 16. Playin* the slots, e.*., AMIN (gaming); 17. Mia*ure desser*s, ARLES (tartlets); 18. Admonis* [suffix], CIDE (chide); 19. *iding, as a sword, SEATING (sheathing); 21. Neither young nor ol*, MILEAGE (middle age); 18. 23. Diat*ibe deliver*e*s, ANTES (ranters); 25. *hief, SEALER (stealer); 26. Sergea*t of old TV, PRESTO (Preston); 29. Denta* devices, PATES (plates); 31. Still feelin* sleepy, ROY (groggy); 32. *over up, ONEAL (conceal); 34. Mentalist inspired by “Mandra*e the Magician”, RESIN (Kreskin); 38. Struc* with the foot, ICED (kicked); 40. Mail origi*ator, SEDER (sender); 42. Absolutely ama*e, DALE (dazzle); 43. *emoves pencil maq*ks, EASES (erases); 45. Big pi*kles?, RISES (crises); 47. Cat*’ warning*, HIE (hisses); 48. Apo*tle known a* “the Zealot”, TIMON (St. Simon); 50. Dise*se tr*nsmitted by cont*min*ted w*ter, CHOLER (cholera); 52. Italian po*t?, MASALA (Marsala); 55. Cerea* protein [Ger.], GUTEN (gluten); 57. P*blic sales, ACTIONS (auctions); 59. Im*roved one’s lot [hyph.], ROSE RED (prospered); 63. Can*ne restra*nt, CHAN (chain); 64. Sou*hwes* German ci*y, SUGAR (Stuttgart); 66. Rea*y to be ri**en, SALE (saddled); 67. Roun*e* up, HERE (herded); 68. Lessons fro* fables), ORALS (morals); 69. 1960* prote*t [2 wds.], ITIN (sit-in); 70. S*ut up, USED (hushed); 71. Places *o pick up chicks?, NESS (nests); 72. Likel* to rise, EAST (yeast).
Down: 1. Brib*, informally, GRAS (grease); 2. Bit of *ire, LAME (flame); 3. Asla*’s realm, ARIA (Narnia); 4. Lite*ally, “sac”ed utte*ances”, MANTAS (mantras); 5. Nothing speci*l, VERGE (average); 6. Opposite of *on’t, ILL (will); 7. M*nhole em*n*tion, STEM (steam); 8. The *eatles’ Paul McCartney, e.g., ASSIST (bassist); 9. Made smalle*, DECEASED (decreased); 10. *ost co*prehensive, AXIAL (maximal); 11. *mall amount, briefly, MIDGE (smidge); 12. Device that re*oves stalks fro* fruit, STEER (stemmer); 14. Chin*s* cuisine*, CANTONS (Cantonese); 20. *atchy *ony, INTO (pinto); 22. *oting booth feature, LEER (lever); 24. Big name in ba**s, SPADING (Spalding); 26. Pulit*er, e.g. [Fr.], PRIE (prize); 27. *egis*ative routine [Sp.], ROCA (roll call); 28. B*ontë family, EYES (Eyres); 30. Speaks gi**erish, ALES (babbles); 33. First mo*th, to Jua*, EERO (Enero); 35. Lesley of *60 Minu*es”, SAHL (Stahl); 36. Waiti*g o*e’s tur*, ILIE (in line); 37. Di*dainful expre**ion, NEER (sneer); 39. Left the Met*oline*, DETAINED (detrained); 41. Core cont*iners, RECTORS (reactors); 44. National park in sout*west Tennessee, SILO (Shiloh); 46. Turt*es and bu**ets have them, SHES (shells); 49. *mpos*ng house, MANSON (mansion); 51. Biase*, ONESIE (one-sided); 52. Qi*g Dy*asty people, MACHU (Manchu); 53. A**ow shoote*s, ACHES (archers); 54. O*erdo the diet, STARE (starve); 58. Street art, *aybe, URALS (murals); 58. Stron* *rowth, SURE (surge); 60. Not homo*eneous [Lat.], RATA (grata); 61. “Lo*e Me Tender” star, ELIS (Elvis); 62. B*rth cert., for one, DENT (ident.); 65. Rank*es, GAS (galls).
Read Jim Horne’s analysis in the crossword blog of The New York Times, Wordplay -- included is an interview with the constructor, Matt Ginsberg.
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alanrichard said...

I didn't like the Perfect Jobs puzzle. Olympic Canoer and Poker Player are not jobs.
But I loved the Takeaway Puzzle. This was fun and thought provoking.

sharon said...

Hi there,
Thanks for the answers to the second Sunday puzzle Takeaway. Just one correction: 3d "Asla*'s realm" -- that is an l like in "lamb," not an i like in "inky." So the clue is "Aslan's (viz. the lion's) Realm" which answers "NARNIA," not "arian" even tho both give the answer ARIA" in the grid.

sharon said...

Oh, and I think the zealot is St. Simon (TIMON).

DONALD said...


I can agree on both counts.

DONALD said...


Thanks for your notes, which have been implemented in the text -- everyone surely appreciates your keen eye fulfilling our quests for accuracy!