04.04.10 — BOARD Meetings

Sunday, April 4, 2010

AFTER WORD, Puzzle by Bob Klahn, edited by Will Shortz

This Sunday crossword has a note — (Bonus question: What word can follow each half of the answer to each starred clue?). Of little or no help in solving the puzzle, the word is BOARD… dangerously close to BORED. This type of add-a-word crossword usually gives the unifying word of the interrelated group in the puzzle itself somewhere… which, hey — makes it fun! So, the result here? No fun today, just plod away and then guess how clever it all was, sort of like someone telling you what a great party you missed.


The black squares essentially split the crossword into five thin diagonal puzzles with little entry from one to the other. There are a some good clues — 23A. *”Either that WALLPAPER goes, or I do” (Oscar Wilde’s reputed last words); 63A. Sitting around for years waiting to get drunk, AGING; 66A. Something that might be hard to drink?, CIDER; 32D. *Wonder product, SANDWICH BREAD; 96D. One raised on a farm, BARN; 103D. A little or a lot, ANY.

Other — AXILLAS (93A. Armpits); BARENTS (60A Navigator William with a sea named after him); BLOSSOM (68A. Open up); CALCUTTA (4D. Birthplace of William Thackeray and Satyajit Ray); FANLIGHT (76D. Half-circle window over a door); ORIANA (69D. Epithet for Elizabeth I); SCALAWAG (78D. Rogue); SCHLEPS (64A. Tedious trips); TWISTED (57A. Wry); WARPLANE (13D. F-14, e.g.).

A few people populate the puzzle, including Director AKIRA Kurosawa.

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The clues — ACROSS: 1. Economy; 6. “Spare” part; 9. Direction for violinists; 14. Rubbish; 19. Relieve; 20. “”Cold Mountain” heroine; 21. Hot stuff; 22. High trump card; 23. *”Either that ___ goes, or I do” (Oscar Wilde’s reputed last words); 25. *Legislative V.I.P.; 27. “As You Like It” role; 28. Curved nail, perhaps; 29. Dent form : tooth :: pyriform : ___; 30. Certain; 33. Chin; 34. *Object of superstition; 38. Wiped out; 39. *Annual N.F.L. event; 42. Project Blue Book subj.; 43. Get a flat; 44. “___ Love” (1978 hit for Natalie Cole); 45. German unity; 46. Kind of crazy?; 47. Org. that gives approval; 48. Dirt; 50. Obloquy; 52. ___ dish; 53. Print maker; 54. *Zigzag trail up a mountain; 56. Better writing, e.g.; 57. Wry; 59. Big band; 60. Navigator William with a sea named after him; 61. Jazzy Chick; 62. Decline in value; 63. Sitting around for years waiting to get drunk?; 64. Tedious trips; 66. Something that might be hard to drink?; 68. Open up; 71. Jostles; 72. *Green Bay Packers fan; 74. Chartres shout; 75. Femme fatale; 76. They may offer rides; 77. Site of numerous firings; 78. A guard may protect it; 79. Imitated; 80. Real first name of Alfalfa of the Little Rascals; 81. Trouble; 82. Bring around; 83. Display in the Auckland Museum; 84. *Tally; 89. Choice; 90. *Lamp holder; 92. “The Flying Dutchman” tenor; 93. Armpits; 95. Exotic berry in some fruit juices; 96. Missed signals from a Little Boy Blue, maybe; 97. Director Kurosawa; 98. *Lure; 102. *Cover-up; 106. 1986 rock autobiography; 107. New addition; 108. Lunkhead; 109. Babushkas; 110. Actress Streep; 111. Cultivates; 112. Interjection added to the O.E.D. in 2001; 113. Land called Mizraim in the Bible. DOWN: 1. Harsh call; 2. Suffix with boff; 3. Purely; 4. Birthplace of William Thackeray and Satyajit Ray; 5. Wired; 6. Spanish fleet?; 7. Brain matter?; 8. Block; 9. June “honoree,” briefly; 10. Sense of taste; 11. Big wind; 12. Spanish bear; 13. F-14, e.g.; 14. 1977 Liza Minnelli musical; 15. Family name in Frank Miller’s “Sin City” series; 16. Gary’s home: Abbr.; 17. “The Purloined Letter” writer; 18. Foozle; 24. A Baldwin; 26. Pages (through); 28. Gregg Allman’s wife who filed for divorce after nine days; 30. Sudden; 31. Oscillate; 32. *Wonder product; 33. Critical situation; 34. Sharp and stimulating; 35. *Risking detention; 36. Something unprecedented; 37. Major party; 40. Yahoo; 41. Dickens; 46. Some naturals; 48. Wins everything; 49. Cursed alchemist; 50. Sands, e.g.; 51. Stars in many westerns; 52. Stop sign?; 54. Cast about; 55. One stocking stockings; 56. Coat named for a British lord; 58. Made an individual effort; 60. Scene of confusion; 64. “Open ___”; 65. Like some earrings; 66. Serving from a pot; 67. Football do-over; 69. Epithet for Elizabeth I; 70. Sassy lassies; 72. Meat, as in 66-Down; 73. Liliukalani Gardens site; 76. Half-circle window over a door; 78. Rogue; 80. Resident of Daiquiri; 81. Frequent disclaimeer; 84. Like some census categories; 85. Closed in on; 86. Marks; 87. Dashing; 88. Out; 91. Light brown; 94. Galsworthy’s Mrs. Forsyte; 96. One raised on a farm; 97. “Got it!”; 98. Empty-headed; 99. Rural address abbr.; 100. It’s in circulation; 101. French firm: Abbr.; 102. Bankroll?; 103. A little or a lot; 104. Dupe; 105. Pres. With the Marshall Plan.


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