04.09.10 — Whatever

Friday, April 9, 2010

Puzzle by Ned White, edited by Will Shortz

Hot from the thesaurus — let's see... arduous, baffling, confounding, enigmatic, formidable, knotty, perplexing, puzzling … isn’t that what a Saturday crossword should be?! Oh, it’s Friday? Well then... laborious, painful, strenuous, challenging, brainbuster, holy cow… uh, whatever!

Across 1. Flower-scented refresher, JASMINE TEA; 11. P.D. personnel, SGTS; 15. Flimflam’s antithesis, SQUARE DEAL; 16. Drink in a sippy cup, WAWA; 17. Longtime battler of the Mongols, BUCK ROGERS; 18. Antony’s love, AMOR; 19. It flowers through Knottingley, AIRE; 20. Chicago Sting’s org., NASL; 21. Writer who created Shrek, STEIG; 22. Court figure, CLERK; 24. Word with pain or treatment, ROYAL; 26. Support at the top?, BRA; 27. Pain, HASSLE; 29. They utilize high bands, F M RADIOS; 31. World leader whose full name included Abdel twice, ARAFAT; 33. Catering hall sights, URNS; 34. Changing places with swimmers?, CABANAS; 38. Rat, SO AND SO; 40. Hit from the 1997 album “Surfacing”, ADIA; 41. Subs, SITS IN; 43. Gets information from, in a way, DEBRIEFS; 45. Sweetens, SUGARS; 50. Fighting something, say, ILL; 51. Like jerky, DRIED; 53. Sign of availability, TO LET; 54. Sanctuaries, LAIRS; 56. Second-century year, CLII; 58. Locale of the radial notch, ULNA; 59. Pet problem, LICE; 60. Alternative to alternative, MAINSTREAM; 62. “As You Like It” servant, ADAM; 63. One who used to go clubbing?, TROGLODYTE; 64. Hanna-Barbera productions, CELS; 65.Spots, SETS EYES ON.

Down 1.”Original father of harmony,” per Beethoven, briefly, J S BACH; 2. Heavenly neighbor of Scutum, AQUILA; 3. Former Ecuadorean money, SUCRES; 4. Production team?, MAKERS; 5. Like some cheap mdse., IRR; 6. It’s nobel, NEON; 7. Guest in a library, EDGAR; 8. Galls, TEES OFF; 9. What a priest may say shortly after waking up, EARLY MASS; 10. Lyricist Dubin and others, ALS; 11. Clock, SWAT; 12. Snipe, e.g., GAME BIRD; 13. Some vintage clubs, TWO IRONS; 14. Floating brown algae, SARGASSO; 21. 1970s kidnapping grp., SLA; 23. Group in the Bogart film “Black Legion”, KLAN; 25. Historical region on the Strait of Dover, ARTOIS; 28. One way to take back one’s words?, ERASER; 30. Grayish brown, DUN; 32. “Whatever”, AS IF I CARE; 34. Something that’s the most luxurious of its kind, CADILLAC; 35. Capital on Gulf St. Vincent, ADELAIDE; 36. Like some thoroughly examined passages, BIBLICAL; 37. River past Solothum, AAR; 39. “Everybody Loves A NUT” (Johnny Cash title track); 42. He wrote “I will show you fear in a handful of dust”, T S ELIOT; 44. They’re often needed to go clubbing, IDS; 46. 100 centimes, GOURDE; 47. Where semis aren’t typically seen, ALLEYS; 48. Opera character who sings “Eri tu”, RENATO; 49. A bee may be on it, STAMEN; 52. Minor accident results, DINGS; 55. Phenomena after retiring, REMS; 57. It’s often volcanic, ISLE; 60. They’re often volcanic: Abbr., MTS.; 61. Transformer, e.g., TOY.

T.G.I.F... Up, up and away!

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