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Sunday, April 11, 2010

TEE TIME, Puzzle by Patrick Berry, edited by Will Shortz

Variations of the spelling/pronunciation of the letter T tacked on the end of the second word of ten common phrases resulting in new odd phrases with justifying clues constitutes the interrelated group of this Sunday crossword:

POOL CUTIE (19A. Bathing beauty at a swimming facility?)
CHRISTMAS TREATY (23A. Armistice signed on December 25?)
LOCH NESTEA (38A. Scottish body of water with beverage concentrate added?)
HANNA BARBARITY (43A. Awful illustration from cartoonist William?)
KEEPING PASTY (56A. Opting not to sunbathe?)
SANTA CLARITY (70A. Exactness in giving orders to toy making elves?)
RABBIT WARRANTY (88A. What a bunny buyer at a pet shop might want?)
HIT OR MISTY (90A. Choice of songs at a piano bar?)
TORTOISE SHELTIE (108A. Hybrid sheepdog that moves ver-r-ry slowly?)
UP TO PARTY (115A. Drinking and dancing instead of sleeping?)

Other —ACTIFED, ADRENALS (81D. Epinephrine-producing glands), DIASPORA (7D. Large-scale flight), EMPEROR, FIND OUT, FLAT HEEL (14D. Like some boots), HYPNOTIZED (69D. Open to suggestions, say), OIL PANS, PAYMENT, RADIO SHOWS (15D. Rush jobs?), SOLOIST, STATUTE, TWO STEPS (84D. Some Scott Joplin compositions).

Six-letter — ANDREI, ARNICA (44D. Yellow-flowered perennial), AYEAYE, CAPONS, CHEEKS (33D. Where some hooks connect) or a fish, CIMINO, EDESSA, INSTIR, KRAMER, OLINDA (87A. Brazilian beach resort), OSMENT, PANNED (34D. Had nothing good to say about), RIYADH (13D. City that’s home to King Fahd Road), SNAPON, STINTS, TEHRAN.


Short stuff — ALIT, AMIS, ARAB, ASAP and ASIF, ATM, ATRA, BRIO, CADY, CEL, CPAS, CSA and CSI, CUB and CUT, DEI, EARS, ENT, ESPN, EYE, FATE (119A. Conventional explanation for a tragic event), HON, ICY and ISEE, LILI, LOUD, MITT, MOHS, NERO, NOG, NOTI, OLAF, OLEO, ONE, ORCA, ORE, OTTO, PLAY, POEM, POOH (74D. “That‘s just silly!”), PORE, PSAT, REA and REP, RENT, ROAM, ROSE, RSA, SDI, SEMI, SLIM (4D. Unpromising, as a chance), STP, STUD, TAN, UPC, UMPS, USO, UTAH, WEAN, WOES.

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Pitch evaluators; 5. Children’s illustrator Harrison ___; 9. “The great aphrodisiac,” per Henry Kissinger; 14 Easily broken; 21. Nicholas Gage memoir; 22. Something thrown for a loop?; 25. Leave-taking; 26. Important match; 27. Easily attached; 28. Allergy medication brand; 30 Pountry delicacies; 32. Bear Lake State Park locale; 33. Excellent summers, for short?; 37. Grp. That entertains troops; 48. Mideast capital; 49. “Return of the JedI” moon; 50. Something not to be missed?; 51. Lone player; 52. ___ Field (former name of Minute Maid Park); 53. Discover; 55. Reasons to cry; 60. Readies, as a firearm; 63. Reagan-era program, in brief; 64. Some of this may be picked up at a beach; 65. Better at scheming; 66. Union opposer: Abbr.; 69. ___ Tribunal (international court); 74. Remote button; 77. Japanese ruler; 79. First lady after Bess; 80. Crankcases’ bases; 83. Civil code entry; 86. Minneapolis neighbor; 92. It’s lode-bearing; 93. Pinkish; 94. R&B singer Marie; 95. 12th-century Crusader state; 98. Sets fre; 101. Actor Haley Joel ___ of “The Sixth Sense”; 103. Use a cell phone outside one’s local calling area; 107. ___ rima (verse form for Dante); 113. Oscar : United States :: ___ : Mexico; 114. Rack up; 116. Punks; 117. “You good to go?”; 118. “Nascar Now” broadcaster. DOWN: 1. Scanned lines, for short; 2. Hardness scale inventor; 3. Tiny perforation; 5. Director’s cry; 6. Device at a drive-thru; 8. Phrased for a quick answer; 9. Lawbreakers; 10. Tub filler; 11. Remove gradually from, with “off”; 12. Med. Specialty; 16. Like; 17. Neutral reaction to a revelation; 18. Easily picked up, say; 20. TV program set in Vegas; 24. Light earth tone; 29. Division of an Edmund Spenser work; 30. Tiny tiger; 31. With all haste; 32. Bitterly cold; 35. Peace Nobelist Sakharov; 36. One who’s in your business?; 39. Sharkey of TV’s “C.P.O. Sharkey”; 40. Chamber group, often; 41. Lessen, as pain; 42. Unpaid workers?; 45. Overwhelmingly; 46. “House of Meetings” novelist, 2006; 47. Ripped; 51. Follower of the philosopher Epictetus; 54. Pac-10 competitor; 57. Drink from a bowl; 58. Puts together, in a way; 59. It may be measured by a meter; 61. Animator’s sheet; 62. John ___, villain in the “Saw” films; 65. Look-at-me walk; 68. “Heaven’s Gate” director; 67. Is parsimonious; 68. Roger on a ship; 70. Kept for future use; 71. Burnoose wearer; 72. Response to the Little Red Hen; 73. Speedster’s undoing; 75. Actress Taylor; 76. Settled on a branch; 78. H.S. exam; 82. Identified; 85. Prominent parts of a George W. Bush caricature; 88. Cape Town’s home: Abgr.; 88. Stephen of “Stuck”; 91. Doing time; 95. The Eagles of the N.C.A.A.; 96. “Ad majorem ___ gloriam” (Jesuit motto); 97. Follow; 98. ___ each (D. Day site); 99. Historical subject of a Boito opera; 100. Vigor; 101. Boat in “Jaws”; 102. Small earring; 103. Sales force member; 104. Minnesota’s St. ___ College; 105. Razor brand; 106. Necessity when playing hardball; 109. Together; 110. Maker of fuel additives; 111. Turtledove; 112. Smiley dot.

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