04.23.10 — You Rang?

The bells of the St. Mary's Church, Lübeck, Germany, which fell down in 1942 during the Allied raid and the ensuing blaze, lie where they fell to this day, where they remain as a memorial.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Puzzle by Brad Wilber, edited by Will Shortz

Across1. Hearty cuts, T-BONES; 7. Response of mock subservience, YOU RANG; 14. Lid, CHAPEAU; 15. The “thee” in “Get thee to a nunnery”, OPHELIA; 16. Address location, LECTERN; 17. Bad setting, GERMANY; 18. 1040 subjs., IRAS; 19. Room in Cue, STUDY; 21. Antibiotic, e.g., briefly, MED; 22. Prefix with relation, COR; 23. Finds unbearable, ABHORS; 25. “Meet Me at the COPA; 26. Govt. org. associated with auctions, HUD; 27. Fencing action, FEINT; 28. Culmination’s opposite, NADIR; 29. Blanche Dubois’s “I have always depended on the kindness of strangers,” e.g., EXIT LINE; 31. Founder of experimental physiology, GALEN; 32. Bad marks gotten in high school?, ACNE; 33. Lizard Fuel beverage maker, SOBE; 34. Top banana, MR BIG; 36. Giant in fashion, HUGO BOSS; 40. Cardio option, TAE BO; 41. Palate stimulus, SAPOR; 42. HVAC measure, BTU; 43. Not settled, IFFY; 44. Defense attorney’s claim, DURESS; 45. Syllables sung by Figaro, LAS; 46. “Non PIU andrai” (Figaro aria); 47. 36-Down, notably, LOSER; 48. Tubes in an oven, ZITI; 49. 1886 Alcott sequel, JO’S BOYS; 51. Favorite card game of Winston Churchill, BEZIQUE; 54. In the main, AS A RULE; 55. Musical with the song “Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist”, AVENUE Q; 56. Spinner with numbers, ROLODEX; 57. Boston an Charleston, DANCES.

Down —  1. “The Great Railway Bazaar” travel writer, THEROUX; 2. Owner of Martini & Rossi, Dewar’s and Grey Goose, BACARDI; 3. Gets off the fence, OPTS; 4. It separates two names, NEE; 5. Attention, EAR; 6. Gloom’s opposite, SUNSHINE; 7. Kind of smoothie, YOGURT; 8. Pundit pieces, OP EDS; 9. Pulitzer winner for “Driving Miss Daisy”, UHRY; 10. Nocturnal cycle occurrence, REM; 11. Having gotten the scoop?, À LA MODE; 12. One standing in the back of an alley, NINE-PIN; 13. Sense of orientation, GAYDAR; 14. Chestnut, CLICHÉ; 20. Cosmetologist’s concern, TONE; 23. Org. with a handshake in its logo, AFL-CIO; 24. It’s alive, BEING; 25. Biblical scout, CALEB; 28. He played an attendant at Wally’s Filling Station in 1960s TV, NABORS; 30. Puss, TABBY; 31. “Our Lips Are Sealed” band, GOGOS; 33. 2007 hit comedy with a character who dubbed himself McLovin, SUPERBAD; 34. One who might be seen in the offing?, MAFIOSO; 35. Thumbs down, REFUSAL; 36. Famously overconfident competitor, HARE; 37. Indirect, OBLIQUE; 38. Bronzes, maybe, STATUES; 39. Final track on the Rolling Stones’ “12 X 5”, SUSIE Q; 40. Place for extra notes on a piano?, TIP JAR; 41. Area where the hoax Piltdown man was found, SUSSEX; 44. Creator of Professor Challenger, DOYLE; 47. Obstreperous, LOUD; 48. Calamine component, ZINC; 50. Dawg, BRO; 52. 2006 Bond girl EVA Green; 53. Road to enlightenment, for some, ZEN.

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