04.27.10 — Which Switch Is Which?

Switchblades have been with us for many years and have even been used by the military. The Congress of the United States enacted Public Law 85-623, commonly called the "Federal Switchblade Act" designed "to prohibit the introduction, or manufacture for introduction, into interstate commerce of switchblade knives, and for other purposes". This act was mainly symbolic as even the proponents of the act did not expect it to have any affect on the crime rate or of their use by criminals.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Puzzle by Oliver Hill, edited by Will Shortz

SWITCHBLADE (62A. Street weapon … or a hint to the circled letters in this puzzle), DABEL, BEDLA, DLEBA, EDBLA, BALDE, ABLED contained within CAIN AND ABEL (17A. Genesis duo), BEDLAMP (21A. It’s found on a nightstand), HANDLEBAR (29A. Certain mustache shape), HEATED BLANKET (38A. Means of staying toasty at night), BALD EAGLE (50A. American symbol) and ENABLED (57A. Made possible) are the interrelated group of this twisted Tuesday crossword.

Other — CAN OPENER (6D. One use of a Swiss Army knife), GARDEN HOE (36D. Tool you can lean on), LAMBDAS (27D. Greek L’s) and fourteen of six letters: ATOMIC, CANOLA, CHEAPO, DERMIS, EMAILS, ESTATE, GAMEON, IGETIT, OCELOT, REININ, RIVERA, SCREEN, SNAPTO, STOPIT (28A. “Enough!”).

Switch and Swiss? How ‘bout a little bit of butterfly?…

The remainders — ABA and ALA, ABCS, ACTV, ARC, AROD, BACH, BORE, CDS, COBB, DEA and DEB, DIGS, DOB and DOT, DRAB (18D. Blah), ENGR, ERA, ETE, HEN, ICED, ILL, INA, INRE and IRAN, KIA, LET and LETA, LOS, MEGS, MEN, NED, NEWLY, NOR, NYSE, OBI, OHS, OLGA (69A. Bond girl Kurylenko), OLSON, OVI, PAL, RED and REL, SAE, SOSO (33A. Not great, but not awful either), SNEE, TAE and TAS, TIA and TOI, TILE, VELDT.

Perhaps a little romance…

…and in closing…

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Tiny; 7. End of a Shakespeare play; 11. MP3 holders; 14. Artist Diego; 15. One who talks only about himself, say; 16. Egg layer; 19. Historical time; 20. Fish-fowl connector; 23. ___-Wan with the Force; 26. Chum; 34. TV part; 35. Compputer capacity, informally; 43. Yankee nickname starting in 2004; 24. Control, as expenses; 46. Treated, as a sprained ankle; 52. “Let’s play!”; 55. Major coll. Fraternity; 56. Sunburned; 59. “___ moment!” (“Don’t rush me!”); 61. French pronoun; 68. Under the weather; 70. Spotted feline; 71. Profs.’ helpers; 72. Wall Street inits.; 73. Darcy’s Pemberley, e.g., in “Pride and Prejudice”. DOWN: 1. Parabola, e.g.; 2. ___ Maria; 3. Prefix with duct; 4. Target audience of Details magazine; 5. Coun try with a Guardian Council; 7. Lawyers’ org.; 8. Ty with batting titles; 9. Sequoias, e.g.; 10. Open grassland; 11. Penn-pincher, slangily; 12. Skin layer; 13. Wake with a start; 22. ___ Lonely Boys (rock band); 23. Cries of surprise; 24. “The Well-Tempered Clavier” ; 25. Memo starter; 30. Org. monitoring narcotics smuggling; 31. “___ thousand flowers bloom”; 32. Bible study: Abbr.; 37. Snick’s partner; 39. When you entered this world: Abbr.; 40. Seoul-based automaker; 41. Hwy. planner; 42. 10-point Q, e.g.; 45. Actor Beatty; 46. “That’s clear”; 47. Kind of oil; 48. Contacts via the Net; 49. Girl with a coming-out party; 51. Secular; 53. Johnny who used to cry “Come on down!”; 54. As of late; 58. Shovels; 60. Rudimentary education; 63. ___ Bo; 64. Redo, in tennis; 65. ___ mode; 66. Half of a colon; 67. Summer on the Seine.

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