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Sunday, April 4, 2010

PUNS AND ANAGAMS, Puzzle by Mel Taub, edited by Will Shortz

Across1. They cover the sash, SHEATHS; 8. A drain on a seamstress, SEWER; 13. Begins with #1 tipster, STARTOUT; 14. Gets ready to simper, PRIMES; 16. Into what did Roger dip his spoon?, PORRIDGE; 17. One might create a stir at a gallery, ARTIST; 18. Where Dorothy placed her faith, as a whole, INTOTO; 19. 2,641 specific G.I.’s, PFCS; 21. Car videodisc maker, RCA; 22. Up to a cash register, TILL; 23. Press CORE (full-time reporters); 24. Shopping MAUL (day-after-Christmas event); 25. In which big loafers are at ease, EEE; 26. South Carolina: 1, SCONE; 28. The ol’ Biltmore, e.g., HOTEL; 29. Where to hold drunk for battery, DRYCELL; 31. People whom Rose met in acting class, EMOTERS; 33. Strange-sounding lake, ERIE; 34. Where a drill sergeant can be as hard as he wants, BASE; 35. Latino areas featuring a bodega or bar, si?, BARRIOS; 38. I.e., Monet is not repeated, ONETIME; 42. A claim against a foreigner, ALIEN; 43. Miss O’Neal, LEONA; 45. Cy’s better half, NAN; 46. Crowd sound in this stadium, HISS; 47. They appear in all acts, CAST; 48. Woman with toga, SARA; 49. Camel’s midsection, AME; 50. Aw, cagy look, GAWK; 51. Cut back again on RR time, RETRIM; 53. What gets camels high?, MESCAL; 55. Modern writer of a Latin “10”, ITALIANO; 57. Paean to the man, ANTHEM; 58. A gremlin who may pretend to be sick, MALINGER; 59. Works I lost, TOILS; 60. Strauss opera figure on stereos, ORESTES.

Down — 1. Colder in store, STONIER; 2. Taft’s lathery partner, HARTLEY; 3. Whom Lorre looks up to, ERROL; 4. Tati is doing something, AT IT; 5. TD owes a lot to busyness, TODO; 6. Almost giant embrace, HUG; 7. Overturned an apartment restriction, STEPON; 8. You might see a moon scape from here, SPACE; 9. Is mistaken at avoiding arrest, ERRS; 10. Joke with the end cut off, WIT; 11. Time/era of Dubai, EMIRATE; 12. Who made victim feel securer, RESCUER; 13. Pest I’d have treated with malice, SPITED; 15. sS, STALLS; 20. Join the Pirates and get a kick for nothing, FREEBOOT; 23. Old king’s edict regarding a dish, COLESLAW; 24. Go to Met to hear this, MOTET; 26. It may rinse off in a bird bath, SERIN; 27. Muse 150 + 10, CLIO; 28. O’Shea the prophet, HOSEA; 30. CERES premiere (Roman goddess’s debut), 32. Author who was once a boyy, MANN; 35. Place for a laugh between two degrees, BAHAMA; 36. You might label it meal ‘n’ dessert, ALIMENT; 37. Meets in stories;, RISESTO; 39. Expressing A-1 anger, INARAGE; 40. Naval airmen’s compatriots, MARINES; 41. Roman E written backward, ENAMOR; 44. I smoke near an igloo, ESKIMO; 47. Puts Sam and Elsie at ease, CALMS; 48 TNT is something to be sparing with, STINT; 50. Sounds like a windy Scot, GAEL; 51. Real bad breathing sound, RALE; 52. Yalies, in part, ELIS; 54. Wind City X, CHI; 56. Art of a sailor, TAR.

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