04.29.10 — ODD...

Illustration by Harry Clarke for Edgar Allan Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart, 1919


Thursday, April 29, 2010 — International Dance Day

Puzzle by J. W. Simpson, edited by Will Shortz

EACH ANSWER HAS AN ODD NUMBER OF LETTERS (17A. With 37- and 54-Across, curious property of this crossword) in this strange Thursday crossword.

9DECOMPOSE (3D. Rot) and DEHYDRATE (9D. Parch), POKER BETS (31D. Pot contents), SNEAK INTO (39A. Enter surreptitiously), TAEKWONDO (8D. Olympic sport since 2000), demonstrated HERE, TO THAT END (33D. For the reason stated), ZEN MASTER (32A. Asian spiritual guide), ZONKED OUT (32D. Totally beat).

7 APPEASE (47A. Quiet), JAMES II (23A. King with a statue in Trafalgar Square), VALERIE (44A. Actress Harper); WADDLES (25A. Imitates a penguin).

5ARUBA, ASWAN, ATLAS (47D. Mini-section of an almanac), BASAL, DEBUG, DODOS, DYSON, ENTRY (41A. Dictionary listing), ERASE, ERECT, ESTEE, ETRES, GECKO (42A. Lizard that chirps), GENES, HENNA, ICIER, JESTS, LEMON, MISTI, OCHRE, ORNOT, PATHS, REARM, RHYME (35D. Gun, for one), SANDS, SEDAN, STANS, SWOOP, TASSO, TOAST, TOOTH, UBOAT, VENUS (44D. Mythological subject for Titian and Botticelli), WEDTO, WORRY (28A. “Interest paid on trouble before it falls due, per W. R. Inge), not to be confused with William Inge, USAGE (12D. Dictionary topic).

3AGE, BAD and BED, DEE, ERA and ERE fancy you consult, consult your purse“: Benjamin Franklin, ESP, FTD, HEM, “Every day IS A new day”, KEY, MST, “NO I did not!”, POE (48D. Who wrote “I was never kinder to the old man than during the whole week before I killed him”), ORA, RNA, SAN, SSW, TDS, UTA.

How odd…

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Rattlebrains; 6. Winter hours in Colo.; 9. Fix, in a way; 14. Stiff-backed; 16. Clear; 20. “Whether ___”; 21. Common item in a purse; 22. Mellow, say; 23. King with a statue in Trafalgar Square; 27. It may actually be a hunch; 29. What hawks do; 36. “Jerusalem Delivered” poet; 38. Nail’s partner; 43. Something that may be let out; 52. Foundation; 53. Hold over the fire, say; 59. W.W. II blockade enforcer; 60. Hagen with three Tonys; 61. Salon supply; 62. Smooths; 63. Some sports scores, briefly; 64 U.S. term for a British “saloon”. DOWN: 1. Subpar grade; 2. 60 minuti; 4. Autumn shade; 5. Maurice of Nixon’s cabinet; 6. Peruvian volcano El ___; 7. Dr. from Paris to Bordeaux; 10. Procter & Gamble’s first liquid laundry detergent; 11. ___ metabolism; 13. Code carriers; 19. Abrogate a peace treaty, maybe; 23. Isn’t serious; 24. City on the Nile; 26. Big name in vacuum cleaners; 28. Conjoined with; 30. County name in Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma; 34. French beings; 40. Less welcoming; 45. One of the ABC islands; 46. It may be found often in a shop; 47. Mini-section of an almanac; 49. Walks; 50. First name in perfume; 55. Misbehaving; 56. Busy co. on Mother’s Day; 57. Material in protein synthesis; 58. Colorado’s ___ Luis Peak.

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