04.06.10 — Ice Cream, etc.

The Soda Fountain, Norman Rockwell


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Puzzle by Sarah Keller, edited by Will Shortz

ICE CREAM (62A. Cold treat that can precede the last word of 18-, 23-, 40- or 50-Across), SPACE BAR (18A. It’s directly below V-B-N-M), TRAFFIC CONE (23A. Highway safety marker), KNUCKLE SANDWICH (40A. Punch in the mouth, slangily) and PARADE FLOAT (50A. Homecoming display) are the interrelated group of this tasty Tuesday crossword. Cool!

Other — AORTA, AGOG (10A. In a state of 10-Down) and AWE (10D. Feeling when you‘re 10-Across), ARMADA, ASSOC, AUDITS, AWARD, CATNAP, CINDER, COATI, DEMOS and DISCOS, ENDIN and ENTAIL, ENTRÉE, ERATO (9D. Sister of Clio), FAULT, HEWED (59A. Cut down) and MOWS (60A. Cuts down), INEPT, NEATLY, REESE, ROOTER, SNIFF, STAIR, TAXIED, TRIXIE (44A. Alice’s best friend on “The Honeymooners”), TOM TOM (49D. Indian percussion), Rapper TUPAC Shakur, TWEED, YOU’LL never believe this!”

Short stuff — AIDA and ARIA, ASS, ATE, ATTU (43A. Westernmost of the Aleutians), CINE, CULP, DAMP, DEAL, DENS, DRIP, EDS, ELM, ERA, FLAK, GERM, GIBE, “IF AT first you don’t succeed …”, INCH, ISI, LAHR, NEHI, NOR, OIL, OKAY, OPAL, ORNE (39A. French river or department), OUT, PHI, PLAN (27A. Caballer‘s need), SCAR, SEMI, SERA, SLY, SPIN, SRO and SUR, “Do UNTO others …”, WIPE.

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Establishments with mirrored balls; 7. Snacked; 14. Involve; 15. South of South America; 15. Help the dishwasher, perhaps; 17. In a precise manner; 120. Turn in many a children’s game; 21. Relative of a raccoon; 22. Bark beetle’s habitat; 28. No ___ sight; 32. Away from home; 35. Unwelcome financial exams; 45. Honor society letter; 56. Pompous fool; 64. Menu selection; 66. Not dry; 67. Full house sign; 68. Pig, when rummaging for truffles; 69. Diva’s delivery; 70. Newspaper staffers, in brief; 71. Fleet of warships. DOWN: 1. Rooms with recliners; 2. All thumbs; 3. Flight segment; 5. Forty winks; 6. Tricky; 7. Part of P.G.A.: Abbr.; 11. Taunt; 12. Birthstone for most Libras; 13. Start, as of an idea; 19. French filmdom; 21. Remnant of a burned coal; 24. Verbal brickbats; 25. Tennis “misstep”; 26. Plenty, to a poet; 29. Icicle feature; 30. Narrow winning margin; 31. Classic soda pop; 32. Give the go-ahead; 34. South African Peace Nobelist, 1984; 36. “It ___” (reply to “Who’s there?”); 37. Prepared for takeoff; 38. [Well, see if I care!]; 41. Late actor Robert of “I Spy”; 42. Give out cards; 47. Bert of “The Wizard of Oz”; 51. Witherspoon of “Legally Blonde”; 52. Cy Young, e.g.; 53. Visual sales pitches; 54. Line from the heart; 55. Tammany Hall “boss”; 56. Elton John/Tim Rice musical; 57. Mark for life; 58. Place for a cab; 61. It’s repeated after “Que” in song; 63. Tax preparer, for short; 64. Diamond stat; 65. Neither’s partner.

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