04.19.10 — Placing the Name


Monday, April 19, 2010

Puzzle by Randy Sowell, edited by Will Shortz

Places/names, e.g., HAROLD ROME, ELLEN GLASGOW, IRVING BERLIN and JACK LONDON are the interrelated group of this Monday crossword, fairly clued as 17A. Broadway lyricist/composer who wrote “I Can Get It for You Wholesale”, 33A. Virginia-born Pulitzer Prize novelist of 1942, 42A “God Bless America” composer, and 61A. “The Call of the Wild” author.

Other — EPILOGUE (46D. Ends of some novels); LAMAZE (22D. Childbirth training method); PROPANE (29A. Gas log fuel); SAPPORO and SONOMA (50A. Japanese site of the 1972 Winter Olympics); 22A. California wine county); 55A. “You said it, SISTER!“; TWERPS (32D. Dweebs); WOLFMAN (5D. One who changes form during full moon).

Mid-size — ACASE, ALIST, ARCED, ARMEE (8D. French military force), ATTEST, BASIL, BROIL, Piña COLADA, Sturm und DRANG, ELICIT, ERASES, EXTENT, FROZE, GUIDE, ICE TEA, INAROW, MACAW (1A. Noisy bird), OBAMA (53D. First president born in Hawaii), OPENIT, PLUTO (14A. Ninth planet no more), STEED (71A. Pegasus, e.g.), WOOZY (7D. Mentally unclear).

Short stuff — ALA and ALTO and ATO, Amo, amas, AMAT, AMER, ANN, CLOT, CUR, DIE and DYAN, ELOI, ECHO (38A. “Anybody home? … home? … home?), GLEE, GMAC, HIRE, JAN, LAG, MARX (16A. Any brother in “Animal Crackers“), MPH, NADA, NED, NOL and NOLA, NUT, ODE and ODIN, OKRA, ONA and ONOR, ORLY, REST, SAGS, SEE, SENT, SPED, STOA, TWAS, TYRO, VAT, WATT, YELL,YORE, ZEN.

Then there’s Eyjafjallajökull… if you plan to visit there or anywhere in Eurrope soon, check this out...

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 6. “___ the night before …”; 10. Exhilaration; 15. Days of King Arthur’s Round Table, e.g.; 20. Opposite of melted; 21. Make ___ for (advocate); 26. Whoop; 28. Buddhist sect; 31. Certify (to); 36. Actress Cannon; 37. Three ___ match; 38. “Anybody home? … home? … home?; 47. Drink that might come with a mint leaf; 51. Lon ___ of Cambodia; 52. Greek portico; 56. Elite roster; 58. Cook, as steaks in an oven; 60. Indy 500, e.g.; 66. Chief Norse god; 67. The “A” in U.S.A.: Abbr.; 68. Seeing Eye dog, e.g.; 69. Light bulb unit; 70. Nothing in Juárez. DOWN: 1. Speedometer reading: Abbr.; 2. ___ carte; 3. Dog prone to biting; 4. From ___ Z; 6. Beginner; 9. Go out with; 10. Auto financing inits.; 12. Undoes pencil marks; 13. Scope; 21. Kind of sax; 22. Hurried; 23. Paris suburb; 24. Theme song of bandleader Vincent Lopez; 25. Gift-giver’s urging; 27. Fall behind; 30. “The Time Machine” people; 34. The Beach Boys’ “Barbara ___”; 35. Is low around the waist, as pants; 39. Blood circulation problem; 40. Put on the payroll; 41. ___ off (light switch options); 43. Remainder; 44. Industrial container; 45. Pesto seasoning; 47. Lined up; 49. Bring out; 54. Followed a curved path; 57. E-mail folder; 59. Gumbo pod; 61. First mo.; 62. Hickory ___; 63. What immortals never do; 64. Shelley’s “___ to the West Wind”; 65. ___ Flanders of “The Simpsons”.

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