04.27.13 — CAPITAL U

Frame from the 1992 film of Unforgiven
Saturday, April 27, 2013
Puzzle by Chris A. McLaughlin / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — Stopped living the high life?, SOBERED UP; 10. One paid to get shot, MODEL; 15. Legendary lutist, ALAN-A- DALE; 16. TV host ALEXA Chung; 17. Asia Minor, e.g., PENINSULA; 18. Dumps, JILTS; 19. Trail rider’s accessory, SADDLE BAG; 20. Public, OVERT; 21. Draft pick, ALE; 22. One highly unlikely to react, RARE GAS; 24. Geneses, ONSETS; 28. Character in “Unforgiven”, CAPITAL U; 29. French verse, POEME; 30. 2011 All-Star pitcher KEVIN Correia; 31. Flow controller, TAP; 32. He was born “all over like an hairy garment”, ESAU; 33. See 28-Down, GREEN; 34. Trail rider’s concoction, GORP; 35. Gov. Cuomo’s purview, NYS; 36. “Bless ‘EM ALL” (1941 hit song); 37. Slow march, maybe, DIRGE; 38. Player in a pocket, IPOD NANO; 40. Holy smoker?, CENSER; 41. Title character singing in the “Tea for Two” duet, NANETTE; 42. Not be a wallflower, MIX; 43. Scrape, GRATE; 44. 0-0, POINTLESS; 50. “Allahu AKBAR” (Iraqi flag phrase); 51. Drill command involving a rifle, ORDER ARMS; 52. Whoopi’s first leading film role, CELIE; 53. One who doesn’t click in a clique, ODD MAN OUT; 54. Graph revelation, possibly, TREND; 55. Nonrevolutionaries, LOYALISTS.
Down — 1. Easy marks, SAPS; 2. Olive genus, OLEA; 3. Ring, RAND; 4. Old-time actress ENID Bennett; 5. Went long, RAN LATE; 6. Ill-fated line of the 1950s, EDSELS; 7. Beefy Provençal stew, DAUBE; 8. “The Producers” sex kitten, ULLA; 9. Landscaping alternative to sand, PEA GRAVEL; 10. Study principally, MAJOR IN; 11. Biblically named Michigan college, OLIVET; 12. They don’t do it all themselves, DELEGATORS; 13. Monster, EXTRA LARGE; 14. Common religious artwork, LAST SUPPER; 23. “Scratch thee but with A PIN …”: Shak.; 24 Bill starter, OPENING ACT; 25. Snoop, NOSY PARKER; 26. Like unsurprising temperatures, SEASONABLE; 27. Source of 13-Down eggs, EMU; 28. With 33-Across, “The Voice” vocal coach, CEE LO; 30. Ed whose entire 18-season career was with the Mets, KRANEPOOL; 33. Common B-school requirement, GMAT; 34. Spirit in a sling, GIN; 36. In the log, say, ENTERED; 37. Right-handed, DEXTRAL; 39. Hold up, DETAIN; 40. Its patrons are usually kept in the dark, CINEMA; 42. Blouse with a sailor collar, MIDDY; 45. Great Seal word, ORDO; 46. Legal scholar LANI Guinier; 47. Symbol of love, EROS; 48. Sanitization target, SMUT; 49. Former faves of jet-setters, SSTS.

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