04.13.13 — The Saturday Crossword


The Crossword Puzzle by Ron Landry
Saturday, April 13, 2013
Puzzle by Martin Ashwood-Smith / Edited by Will Shortz

Eight 15-letter entries are featured in this Saturday crossword:

AS QUIET AS A MOUSE (15A. Buttoned up)
STAND UP STRAIGHT (17A. Not have a hunch?)
AUTOMOBILE TIRES (29A. Atlas offerings)
GROVES OF ACADEME (37A. Ivory tower setting)
UNDERSTATEMENTS (38A. Some expressions of false humility)
ASSOCIATED PRESS (39A. Large wire)
ALEUTIAN ISLANDS (55A. Part of the Ring of Fire)
FOUR-WAY STOP SIGN (60A. Light alternative)

Other — BOTANY BAY (32D. Where Captain Cook landed in 1770), CROSSING (22D. Ferry ride, say), ESTHETES (62A. Many gallerygoers), GASBAG (9A. Sort who needs to button up), PEARL JAM (1A. “Spin the Black Circle” Grammy winner of 1995), PRECEDES (23D. Ushers in), STIMULATE (16D. Goose).



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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 18. What shy people often have; 19. Trendy tuna, AHI; 20. With 22-Across, runner’s woe; 21. Prohibition, e.g.; 22. See 20-Across; 24. City near Pyramid Lake; 25. Uglify; 27. “Superman II” villainess; 40. “Boxing Helena” star Sherilyn; 41. Squad leader?; 42. Comic response, in Variety; 45. Greek restaurant menu subheading; 48. Realization vocalization; 51. Plumber’s union?; 52. Catcher of the rye?; 53. Dipsticks; 61. Modern resident of ancient Ebla. — DOWN: 1. ___-Calais (French department); 2. Imparter of fruity overtones; 3. Hub for Jordan Aviation; 4. Half-pint; 5. Eyeshades?; 6. Vingt-et-un, e.g.; 7. How some instruments are sold; 8. Gessen who wrote the 2012 Putin biography “The Man Without a Face”; 9. Bayou predator; 10. Cold war grp.?; 11. “___ gather”; 12. Military brass; 13. Horror-struck, apparently; 14. First moment; 24. Assault team; 25. Depart from; 26. Punish by fine; 28. They get stuck in corners; 29. Arizona’s ___ Fria River; 30. Some of a caterer’s inventory; 31. Upscale Italian shoe brand; 33. “___ first …”; 34. Conductor Leibowitz; 35. Crew at a pileup; 36. Short term?; 42. Toronto team, briefly; 43. Dental gold, e.g.; 44. Jacinthe or jonquille; 46. Salon service; 47. Late notices?; 48. Peeved, after “in”; 49. Play both sides, in a way; 50. Pro grps.; 53. Xanadu’s river; 54. It may have a row of 28-Down, briefly; 56. William Tell territory; 57. Old Eastern alternative; 58. Rankin who created Inspector Rebus; 59. Juice fiend.


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