04.15.13 — Schtick

Monday, April 15, 2013
Puzzle by Gayle Dean / Edited by Will Shortz

Five English words of Yiddish origin, SCHMALTZ (20A. Excessive sentimentality), SCHTICK (26A. Comedian‘s gimmick), SCHLEMIEL (36A. Habitual bungler), SCHMEAR (52A. Bagel spread) and SCHMOOZE (57A. Chat idly), constitute the interrelated group of this Monday crossword.
Other — ALITO (6D. Justice Samuel), APOSTLE (1D. Last Supper attendee), ATOMIC (22A. Kind of bomb since the 1940s), CODICIL (12D. Will add-on), Halley’s COMET, EULOGIA (44D. Laudatory tributes upon someone’s passing), HOT LUNCH (5D. It’s served steaming in a school cafeteria), IRISH SEA (38D. Body of water east of Dublin), OLIVE Oyl.



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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Scored 100 on, as a test; 5. Women’s room in a Turkish palace; 10. Circle parts; 14. Model’s stance; 16. Circle; 17. “___ upon a time …”; 18. Giant; 19. Put on cargo; 24. Golf bag item; 25. Hall & Oates, e.g.; 27. Good guys in westerns, usually; 29. Jury member; 30. Nada; 31. “Anything ___?” (waiter’s query); 32. Astronomer Sagan; 34. Bird on U.S. money; 39. State whose panhandle touches Canada; 42. Eye drop?; 43. Coatrack projections; 47. Beatty of “Deliverance”; 48. Nasty; 50. Provide coverage for through Prudential, say; 54. Solid ___ rock; 55. Fond du ___, Wis.; 56. Folds in clothing; 59. Merit; 60. Moral climate; 62. Long in the tooth; 63. Hudson Bay native; 64. France’s longest river; Goodyear of BFGoodrich product; 66. Class struggle?; 67. Medicinal plant; 68. Smart talk. — DOWN: 2. Hide; 3. Shuns; 4. Consider; 7. Big name in hotels or crackers; 8. Little __, who did the Loco-Motion; 9. Dennis, to Mr. Wilson; 10. Apportion; 11. Like some cell phone charges; 13. Colored spot; 21. Commercial suffix with Gator; 23. What makes a crowd, in a saying; 26. Alabama march city; 28. Net fabric; 29. Fuss over feathers; 33. End of a bridal path; 38. Liechtenstein’s locale; 38. Body of water east of Dublin; 39. Go over with a fine-toothed comb; 40. State emphatically; 41. Sticks (to); 45. Sheep, at pasture; 46. Leaves the union; 49. Stands in the studio?; 51. “Apocalypse Now” setting, informally; 53. French artist who painted “The Absinthe Drinker”; 54. Nut with a cap; 57. Ankle-knee connector; 58. Feedbag bits; 61. Bathwater tester.


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