04.23.13 — The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter,
1660-1664, Nicolas Poussin
Tuesday, April 23, 2013
Puzzle by Severin T. Nelson / Edited by Will Shortz

SPRING, SUMMER, AUTUMN and WINTER, all clued as “One of the four seasons”, along with POUSSIN (32A. Nicolas, who painted “The Four Seasons”) and VIVALDI 48A. Antonio who composed “The Four Seasons”) constitutes the interrelated group of this friendly Tuesday crossword.
Other — GRANTOR (30A. Many a benevolent organization), INERTIA (40A. Tendency to remain unchanged), LARUSSA (51A. Longtime Cardinals manager Tony), MIDEAST (10D. Home of many early civilizations), ONE HORSE (6D. Insignificant, in a way), REHEARSE (21A. Go over), RETRIAL (21D. Possible result of a hung jury), SAW TO IT (45D. Assured something’s completion), TELECAST (41D. Put on the air), TENTACLE (59A. It might have many suckers), UP A TREE (33D. Like some cats in need of rescue).
Mid-size — AROSE, DAKOTA (3D. Territory divided into two states), GATES (7D. Bill who co-owns the Four Seasons hotel company), ELAINE, ELIHU, ENDUES, GETTY, JASONS, NOTRE Dame, ODESA, ORATOR, PTERO, SHADOW (53D. It’s seen on a sundial), SIERRA, STEREO, TRISTE, VALLI (57D. Frankie of the Four Seasons).
Short stuff — ALI, ANA, ANEW, ANON, ASP, AURA, AYE, BANE, BOG, EAT, EAVE, ENNE, ERG, ETÉ (12D. One of the four seasons, in France), IAT and ITA and ITE and ITO, JEW, LAO, LODE, LSD, MSU, NET, NEVE, NON, NOVA, ODIN, OON, OSSE, PRAY, PROM, RAKE, REN and RES, RIRE, RNA, SAN, SAWN, SODA, UPS, URDU, USER, YUL Brynner.



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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Some call it “pop”; 5. Marsh; 14. Say grace, e.g.; 15. Santa ___ winds; 16. Sad, in Paris; 17. Croupier’s tool; 18. Butterfly catcher; 19. Provides with a quality; 20. Midori on the ice; 25. Bone: Prefix; 26. Saintly glow; 30. Many a benevolent organization; 34. “When out on the lawn there ___ such a clatter …”; 36. Wing: Prefix; 37. Prefix with proliferation; 43. Stimpy’s TV pal; 44. City south of Kyiv; 46. Los Angeles’s ___ Museum; 55. Freshly; 56. Overhang; 56. Yale who endowed Yale; 62. “Dig in!”; 63. Actors Bateman and Statham; 66. Dweller along the Mekong; 67. Language of Pakistan; 68. Friend of Jerry and George on TV; 69. Something you might trip on; 70. High school’s crowing event?; 72. Ore suffix; 73. Cut, as logs. — DOWN: 23. Keynote speaker, e.g.; 4. Sailor’s yes; 5. ___ of one’s existence; 6. Insignificant, in a way; 8. Two-channel; 9. Vases; 11. The Spartans of the N.C.A.A.; 13. ___ ipsa loquitur; 22. Egyptian snake; 24. Genetic material; 27. Addict; 28. Laugh, in Lille; 29. Soon; 31. Suffix with ball; 35. Work unit; 37. Long-running PBS science series; 38. Father of Thor; 39. Actress Campbell; 42. Call ___ day; 47. Brynner of Broadway; 49. Not so smart; 50. “Am ___ risk?”; 52. S, in a phonetic alphabet; 60. Feminine suffix; 61. Prospector’s strike; 63. Jesus, for one; 64. “Aladdin” prince; 65. ___ Simeon, Calif.; 67. Co. with brown trucks.


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