04.20.13 — The Saturday Crossword

Saturday, April 20, 2013
Puzzle by David Steinberg / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Best-selling Apple app, GARAGE BAND; 11. “The Kudlow Report” airer, CNBC; 15. It burns quickly, ONE CALORIE; 16. Currency whose name can become its country’s name by changing its last letter to an N and scrambling, RIAL; 17. Outlaws, INTERDICTS; 18. Prefix with phobia, ACRO; 19. Like some pliers, NEEDLENOSE; 20. Fashion inits., DKNY; 21. O.A.S. member, ARG; 2. Symbols of innocence, LILIES; 24. Some Southerners, CAJUNS; 28. Supporter to keep a watchful eye on, FRENEMY; 30. Cup, maybe, AWARD; 31. Shade of red, BRICK; 32. They’re not definite, IFS; 34. Wistful plaint, AH ME; 35. Lock that’s hard to open?, PLAIT; 36. Not procrastinating, ON IT; 37. Point of writing, NIB; 38. LIONS Club; 39. Rub, CHAFE; 40. Naturalist who coined the term “invertebrate”, LAMARCK; 42. Powerful engine, RAM JET; 43. Music style of La Mafia, TEJANO; 44. VAL-de-Marne (department near Paris); 45. Go up against, ABUT; 46. Children’s book ending, Z AS IN ZEBRA; 53. It may be pasteurisé, LAIT; 54. Complete, HEAD TO TAIL; 55. Colosseum cry, ECCE; 58. Its highest rank is Wonsu, KOREAN ARMY; 57. Big TV announcement, informally, SKED; 58. Like Barack Obama’s early schoolmates, INDONESIAN.
Down — 1. “How’s it GOIN?”; 2. Rice on shelves, ANNE; 3. Bundle of nerves, RETE; 4. Blasted through, ACED; 5. Anadem, GARLAND; 6. Some council members, ELDERS; 7. Comics sound, BOING; 8. Western gas brand, ARCO; 9. What the picky pick, NITS; 10. Uncheck, say, DESELECT; 11. One may be a rocker, CRADLE; 12. Singer with the platinum album “Pink Friday”, NICKI MINAJ; 13. Five-time Emmy-winning role, BARNEY FIFE; 14. Sugar sometimes does it, CLOYS; 23. Shade of black, INK; 24. “Thief” star, 1981, CAAN; 25. Not recently, AWHILE AGO; 26. California-based smoothie chain, JAMBA JUICE; 27. Suffix with press, URE; 28. Open, FRANK; 29. “The Battle With the Slum” writer, RIIS; 31. Eastern, BLOC; 33. Reinstate, in a way, STET; 35. Small meat-stuffed pastries, PIROZHKI; 36. Bit of resistance, OHM; 38. Certain computer grouping, for short, LAN; 39. Trattoria selection, CALZONE; 41. Ready to be framed, say, MATTED; 42. Banging noise, RANTAN; 43. Much lore, TALES; 44. A clip may come from it, VIDEO; 47. Part of the earth’s history, AEON; 48. Reddish-brown quartz, SARD; 49. H’s, ETAS; 50. Adriatic seaport, BARI; 51. Italian verse form, RIMA; 52. Kirk ALYN, first actor to play Superman on the big screen.


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