04.05.13 — Friday at the Fall

Horsetail Fall is a small, ephemeral waterfall that flows over the eastern edge of El Capitan in Yosemite Valley. For two weeks in February, the setting sun striking the waterfall creates a deep orange glow that resembles Yosemite's historic "Firefall."
Friday, April 5, 2013
Puzzle by Peter Wentz / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Begins, KICKS OFF; 9. Common sights in the Rockies, ASPENS; 15. Expiate, ATONE FOR; 16. Meaty Applebee’s morsel, RIBLET; 17. Half of an old comic film duo, PA KETTLE; 18. It includes picking the place, EXACTA; 19. Woody Guthrie and others, OKIES; 20. Adam Smith or Ethan Allen, DEIST; 22. The “needle” part of needle grass, AWN; 23. Scottish sprout, WEE LAD; 25. Item on a Christmas list, TOY; 26. Party person, for short, POL; 27. Horse show demonstrations, GAITS; 30. Desperate, DIRE; 31. Pop punk band with the 2002 triple-platinum album “The Young and the Hopeless”, GOOD CHARLOTTE; 35. Last song heard on Disneyland’s Splash Mountain, ZIP-A-DEE-DOO-DAH; 36. Relatively important meeting?, FAMILY REUNION; 37. Top, ACME; 38. Take without credit, AUDIT; 39. Ball-bearing piece, TEE; 40. Field of three Nobel Prizes: Abbr., SCI; 42. Big game show prize, NEW CAR; 47. Pal 4 life, BFF; 48. People without a religious affiliation, in modern lingo, NONES; 51. RHODE Island; 52. Stops lying, ARISES; 54. Bug, VW BEETLE; 56. Like some operations, COVERT; 57. Prime, as bonds, AAA RATED; 58. Works in the kitchen, KNEADS; 59. Court luminaries, NBA STARS.

Down — 1. “Batman” comics sound, KAPOW; 2. “I TAKE your point”; 3. NPR’s COKIE Roberts; 4. Request at a palace, maybe, KNEEL; 5. Gives oneself something to aim for, SETS A GOAL; 6. Frequently, quaintly, OFT; 7. Dog-ear, e.g., FOLD; 8. Word on a bingo card, FREE; 9. Kindergarten comeback, ARE SO; 10. Babe Ruth mark broken by Roger Maris, SIXTY; 11. Kegler’s org., PBA; 12. Noted cliff in Yosemite Valley, EL CAPITAN; 13. Balance sheet figure, NET WORTH; 14. Frequent Jack Kirby comics collaborator, STAN LEE; 21. “Well, that one doesn’t work”, IT’S A DUD; 24. Pops, DADDY; 28. Relative of sleet, ICE RAIN; 29. Grp. Whose flag has 12 stars, THE EU; 30. Awarder of a thimble to Alice in “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, DODO; 31. “Up top!”, GIMME FIVE; 32. Anthony’s XM Radio partner, OPIE; 33. Samurai who’s lost his lord, RONIN; 34. Laggards, LOITERERS; 35. “High School Musical” actor, ZAC EFRON; 36. Greasy part of pork, FATBACK; 40. Mortimer of old radio, SNERD; 41. Figure on a manufacturer’s balance sheet, COSTS; 43 Puffed WHEAT; 44. It’s baked in Italy, COTTA; 45. Pioneer in psychoanalysis, ADLER; 46. Exemplars of thinness, REEDS; 49. “EVAN Almighty” (2007 film); 50. Q-tip, e.g., SWAB; 53. Salt source, SEA; 55. Bit of barnyard onomatopoeia, BAA.



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